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Avacyn Restored – No more Flashback or Transform

Hello my Nurglings!

Thanks to Mark Rosewater we already knew that the Double Face Cards would not be coming back in Avacyn restored. This is probably because the good guys will be making a comeback in the last set to fight back the darkness. OR as in any good horror movie, the horror has changed completely for the finale and we just don’t know what we will be facing. Exciting I know.

The other mechanic not coming back: Flashback (also spoiled to us by Rosewater). So to all of us Burning Vengeance lovers, it seems we won’t be getting anymore of that flashback. But to be honest we have plenty that we can use as it is. Sad though to see such a sweet mechanic disappear in the last set. But I guess, if the werewolves will be stopped from transforming, other mages must lose their graveyard abilities.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
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Three Upcoming Magic The Gathering Promos

Hello my Nurglings!

Take a long good look at the pictures below, cause they’ve all been revealed within Magic The Gathering Online. Currently there is a rumor that Januaries FNM promo is Glistener Elf and that feels somewhat confirmed now seeing this card. We don’t know where the other 2 cards will be used, but hopefully we will get that Despise soon! It’s looking awesome.

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Nerd Calendar – 5th – Nerd Christmas Bead Guides / Sprites!

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what, we nerds love our beads… right? Just look at these amazing nerd creations!

(Above creations by: NerdCraft on )

So anyway, today for my Nerd Calender I thought I would do a few Bead Guides for you all to use. So that you can do cool creations like the ones above (not as cool but cool none the less). Of course they had to fit with the Christmas season. So with a little picture editing and fixing (it took longer than I thought actually, not used to using the bead converters), I ended up with two creations that you are free to take and use yourselves. If you end up doing so, please share your creations! Even if you’ve done something else that’s awesome, I wouldn’t mind if you shared that with us as well.

Here they are: (Yes they’re big, you need something big to do until Christmas so 😉 )

Until next time, take care!
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Nerd Calendar – 4th – The Christmas Cake is a lie

Hello my Nurglings!

As we all know, Santa may not be real and may actually be a huge Coca Cola campaign. But do we care? No. We love it anyway? Yes! Damn you Coca Cola for brainwashing the youth of today with your unhealthy goodness!

Anyway, if you want something special prepared this Christmas, why don’t you make something nerd-like that everyone in the family can enjoy.

The Portal Cake!

And thanks to this guy or girl called UnderDog ( Check it here: I give you the recipe! How to prepare it and so on is not actually written in the recipe so… Take a guess, do your best.

It reads as follows:

1 (18.25 oz) package chocolate cake mix
1 can prepared coconut frosting
3/4 cups vegetable oil
4 large eggs
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup butter or margarine, softened
2/3 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour
2/3 cups cocoa
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 cups water
1 to 2 (6 oz each) vanilla frosting

Don’t forget garnishes, such as:

fish shaped crackers
fish shaped candies
fish shaped dirt
fish shaped solid waste
fish shaped ethyl benzene
pull and peel licorice
fish shaped volatile organic compounds
sediment shaped sediment
a 20-foot thick impermeable clay layer

Until next time, take care!
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Opening Pokémon booster packs! (Black & White)

Hello my Nurglings!

When you’re out in the woods, or rather, when you’re visiting your girlfriend far away from the city, you’re happy whenever you get the chance to see some booster packs. Every time I’m at her place I end up doing some type of pack opening thing, if it’s a few packs I open, a video or even a deck idea from the packs I buy.

So booster packs all the way. This time I’m doing something for a game that I wish that I played more: Pokémon TCG. Always loved it but don’t play it far enough.

So the packs I bought:

1: Black & White
1: Black & White – Emerging Powers

Play online!
If you didn’t already know this, Pokémon TCG now has it’s very own online version of the game, where you build decks, play against other players, and as of right now it’s “free”. To get new cards and such within the game you use codes that you get in booster packs. With this you get a virtual booster pack online to expand your collection. I must say this is one of the very best systems I’ve seen for an online version of any TCG. Instead of having to buy cards and packs within the game, you get cards in your hand and in your virtual game at the same time. Wonderful.

So anyway, like most of the time I told my girlfriend to get the packs out of the booster holder (I had some issues getting it out so yea). And like most of the time when she picks packs, I should just always listen to her: I get one awesome card!

So until next time, take care!
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Solar Flare Deck – for this FNM!

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what I’m currently twelfth in Swedens FNM ranking (within september 5 to july 1). And this friday I’m going to the FNM with a sweet deck of mine. Oh wait, a lot of people have already played it around the globe… but it’s my first chance so ha! What deck am I talking about? Solar Flare! I’ve always been a bit iffy when it comes to posting decks that I’m going to play that same friday, but for this once, I’m just going to do it anyway, and on friday I can do a sweet follow up on how the tournament actually went.

I’m still missing a few cards from this list, mostly lands. I’m still going to write em’ down as if I had them to confuse all of you that may or may not be at my FNM this friday. 😉

Creatures: 9

3x Snapcaster Mage
2x Sun Titan
1x Grave Titan
1x Wurmcoil Engine
1x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Molten-Tail Masticore

Other spells: 26
4x Mana Leak
4x Forbidden Alchemy
4x Unburial Rites
3x Think Twice
3x Oblivion Ring
2x Day Of Judgment
1x Ponder
1x Cackling Counterpart
1x Doom Blade
1x Despise
1x Army of the Damned
1x Liliana of the Veil


5x Island
3x Swamp
3x Plains
4x Drowned Catacomb
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Isolated Chapel
2x Nephalia Drownyard

So preparing for this friday, will be fun to see if it works. Like my few weird picks like Army of the Damned and Cackling Counterpart.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

WW deck – Token Enchantress – Standard MTG

Hello my Nurglings!

I know you love me when I show you decks and guess what? It’s time for another one, and it’s all about one type of deck that I love; WW. Kind of? Perhaps? Maybe like WW? So why did I look at this deck to begin with for the coming format? It’s mostly because of two cards, two enchantments none the less.

Look at the two cards (Honor Of The Pure / Intangible Virtue), is this a match made in heaven or what? If you can play a deck that gets enough white token creature, you’re in the awesome! And this deck, does just that. Let’s look at the creatures first shall we.

Creature: 17
4x Mesa Enchantress
4x Geist-Honored Monk
4x Doomed Traveler
4x Leonin Arbiter
1x Sun Titan

So you’re looking at this thinking: That’s not a lot of token creators mr Nurgle. Well guess what? This is not the place for that. But you still have Doomed Traveler and Geist-Honored Monk is in the deck to help you with the token creation. Monk is a fantastic card with just one or two +1/+1 enchantments out. Two extra 3/3 flyers with your new 4/4 or 5/5 Vigilance creature, is nothing to laugh at for just the 5 mana.

Mesa Enchantress add some extra draw when you play your enchantments, that can be vital for not running out of steam.Leonin arbiter is a card that I’m just trying out with Ghost Quarter to see how that works in an actual deck. Otherwise it will be traded out for some other great white creatures (there are plenty of them in the format).

NEXT! Wait wait, before looking at the enchantments, I just want to say: don’t have much to say about them. They are self explanatory.

Enchantment: 12
4x Honor Of The Pure
4x Intangible Virtue
4x Oblivion Ring

Other Spells: 8
4x Midnight Haunting
4x Timeley Reinforcment

Here they are, the token creators, survival and combat tricks. Three mana for two possible 3/3 flyers in instant speed, sounds bad? I think not. These are eight cards that are awesome in themselves, but becomes even better the more +1/+1 enchantments you hit. If you manage to get 4 enchantments out at anytime, these cards create 5/5 creatures, with vigilance, and a few of them even fly. It’s sweet!

Oh and:

Land: 23
19x Plains
4x Ghost Quarter

Well that’s it for now.
Until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!

New card games ”SUCKS!”

Hello my Nurglings!

You know what I hate, when you go to one of your favorite stores to see that they have stocked up on soooo many things that you want that you cry when you realize you can’t have it all right now. (Breeeaaaath) So, what did I find in the store today… well take a look:

Resident Evil deckbuilding game WITH expansion

Nightfall deckbuilding game WITH expansion

More ZOMBIES!!! ❤ I remember when part 4 was released and they said: This will be the last part. What is it now, over 15 expansions and spinoff games?

Space Hulk: Death Angel restock ❤

So why do new card games suck? The one big reason: I don’t have enough money to spend… *sad face*

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon.

More Miniature Games (Warmachine Press Gangers)

Hello my Nurglings!

I’m sorry to tell you, but there will be more miniature gaming coming your way, and that’s hopefully soon. Mostly I’m just going to show you some of the miniatures I’ve painted or talk about what I’m getting. A few reviews and fun facts may also follow of course. I hope you don’t mind miniature gaming hitting this blog, but I do bet that some of you are miniature gamers as well.

So with this I just wanted to show some old miniatures painted by your truly (yes by me).
Game: Warmachine
Figures: Press Gangers (Pirates ARR!)

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad Draft & Poll of the day!

Hello my Nurglings!

I still have a Innistrad release draft that I promised you to talk about. I kind of regret promising that and that’s why this post has been soooomewhat delayed. You see, I did shit (not going to talk about the draft I did after that cause that was even more shit). So why did I do so bad? I did the one thing that I’ve told myself never to do, I forced the colors I wanted to play, I passed on good cards in U/B and forced myself in to R/W. Cause I LOVE red and white in this set when it comes to limited, does that mean that I should force it? No No no and no.

I ended up going 2 – 3 and walked home with an Army of the Damned, I got one more in my second draft as well so now I got the 2 I need for my zombie deck, not all terrible.
So next format, what do you think I should play?

R/B – Vampires
U/B – Control
G/B – Zombie
U/W/B – Solar Flare
U/W/B – Puresteel

Cast your vote cause I’m really not sure. Also to mention; I will have more to say about the deck I play, maybe even post videos about it when the time comes.

Thanks for voting!
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!