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So the following news just hit the lands of MTG, and the only thing that may effect me in a near future is the fact that Birthing Pod is now banned! Which removed a huuuuge deck from Modern. At the same time they decided to return a important dredge card: Golgari Grave-Troll, will be interesting to see how this will change things up.

What do you think?


Announcement Date: January 19, 2015
Effective Date: January 23, 2015
Magic Online Effective Date: January 28, 2015

Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and Birthing Pod are banned.
Golgari Grave-Troll is no longer banned.

Treasure Cruise is banned.
Worldgorger Dragon is no longer banned.

Treasure Cruise is restricted.
Gifts Ungiven is no longer restricted.

The complete list of all banned and restricted cards, by format, is here.

Next B&R Announcement: March 23, 2015

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Looking at a Kickstarer – Orbs CCG

Hello Nurglings!

Time to look at another Kickstarter project! And it’s a game of course like always when I check out Kickstarter. Okay sometimes I do look at other nerdy things, but really, the game part is the most interesting for me personally.

So today we’re looking at a CCG named Orbs.

Before I continue talking about the games and what I feel are ups and downs of it, check out the Kickstarter video to make your opinion.

Also, here is the kickstarter page:

Okay so moving on!

There are a few things that I’m really looking forward to with Orbs CCG. One, is that it’s using my favorite mechanic from the Yu Gi Oh TCG: face down cards. This indicates that you have something to ruin your opponents day during his turn, and you can even bluff to make your opponent uncertain about his/her plays. It’s one of the best mechanics in Yu Gi Oh cause it creates a situation where the more knowledge you have about the game and play styles, the easier it is to see through the bluffs and play around it.

Secondly, much like the Scrolls online card game, they are using a energy resource system where you discard cards to get resources, this stops you from having the issue of something called “mana-screw” in MTG. Which means that you don’t have the resources needed to play the cards in your hand. Something that should always be prevented in card games, even tho it’s a big part of MTG, it’s probably one of the few things that could have been done better with the game from the beginning.

Orbs CCG - Artwork 1

And my third and favorite feature of the game; you can take turns overtime. There are currently two ways of playing the game, one is to play in real-time against your opponent, the other is that you and your opponent take turns over time, you get a notification when your opponent is done, and you can take your turn whenever you wish, and then he will get a notification when you’re done and so on. Very much like playing word-puzzle games on your phone.

The one thing that worries me about the capability of playing like this, is the fact that you don’t have to be a active player to respond to your opponent. So your traps seems more like triggers that will happen even if you don’t want them to. Which means bluffing becomes a bit harder when you can’t think about your responses. Instead the game makes them for you at appropriate time (probably).

But many online card games are actually lacking in the instant-respons area. So it’s nothing we should worry about at the moment. The game play can still be awesome and fun! The last thing that I feel I have to mention: I hope the overall visual design gets worked on a bit more. Yes I’m a horrible person and I actually buy boardgames/cardgames from a “wow this looks cool” reaction…

Orbs CCG - Artwork 2

I’m looking forward to seeing the future of this game and I wish the best of luck to Orbs and Jerpix, Inc.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls Card Game – Upcoming balance changes!

Hello Nurglings!

So Noaidi will be getting a nerf, it’s currently running the new weaker version on the test servers. Below you can see the original Scrolls + the fixes below it.
To read all about this you can also go here:

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - NoaidiTest server scroll changes
Modified: Noaidi (Growth). Creature, 2/2/2, cost 3. When Noaidi comes into play, you can gain 1 resource of each non-Growth type your opponent has.

So let me be the first to say: Thank you! Not only did I underestimate Noaidi to begin with but I quickly started to hate him. Any Growth deck now have plenty of GREAT match-ups, if it was a mirror match the player running Noaidi all of a sudden had a great advantage in the match-up. And Growth decks with splash cards had a very easy time getting ahead in resources against other mono decks. The power of not having to ”waste” a scroll in your hand for resources is a great ability to have, and Noaidi does that.

The newer Growth/Order control is still running around like a crazy child beating up it’s smaller siblings but… at least their Noaidi pets are nerfed.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Nurgleprobe’s – MMORPG Max Level Challenge (JOIN IN THE FUN!)

Hello Nurglings!
& hello Marathon Gaming fans!

Welcome to my MMORGP Max Level Challenge!
Because I know that many of you don’t really like reading, here is a video explaining it … somewhat:

And here we go in text form! So, the challenge as it is now is to complete 8 different MMORGP’s and by completing I mean reaching the max level with each of these games. Observe that I’m planning something different for The Secret World since it doesn’t really have a max level.

So the games are shown down below!

Challenge progress

These games are not set in stone as it now, the games that I do not start may be replaced by something else if the VIEWERS want it. For me the games are currently written down and promised and I wont change them by my own will from now on. I have promised these games and I will stuck with them, and I wont change them just by one follwer/subscriber or viewer telling me to do so.

So how will this work?

Everything will be recorded on the Marathon Gaming live stream ( and will be uploaded as parts on to YouTube. Everything will be uploaded to a playlist on YouTube by clicking the video up above you can find your way to our YouTube and that playlist.

Maplestory is the game with the higest level cap, and people seem to believe that I wont be able to reach max (I will tho, eventually…) but because of this, Maplestory will also be played outside of the stream. BUT everything will still be recorded and uploaded to YouTube just like the live recorded material. I may even stream it through my own challen on (

The blog will be updated about every second day of the challenge with levels, videos, progress highligths and whatever else I can come up with. I’m really dedicated and excited to start this challenge! 🙂

Of course! If you have one of the games and want to join me, just hit me with a friend request! Will most probably start a guild/group in most of the games and everyone is welcome to join them to support my way to complete the MAX LEVEL CHALLENGE.

I’m doing this for fun, mostly to make something fun out of the stream that we’re currently running on (MarathonGamingTV) and I’m excited to do something special like this. I also wanted to have a goal with my gaming and not get stuck and think: What should I do now?

Just spread the word and join in the fun when I’m online gaming. 🙂 Check the YouTube videos and hit all the subscribe and like buttons to let people know about it! I will be forever gratefull.

So that was it everyone, if you have any questions, please leave a comment here or send them to: with the subject line: Nurgle’s Challenge.

Thanks everyone!
Cya soon!

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Update later tonight! What… yea I’m still here!

Hi Nurglings!

Well yes of course I’m still alive!

Do not worry, just becuase the updates are slow doesn’t mean that I’m not here. I will even be posting a guest article that was given to me well.. some time ago and it will be a bit of in time but I do have a promise to my guest writers if they do wan’t to post stuff. And once again, I’m sorry for vanishing the way I did there for some time.

But as you may remember I’m currently investing a lot of time in the project: Marathon Gaming! And with everything going on there it’s time to push out blog posts.
And I do not wan’t to push them!

But as it is now, I will actually use my personal blog as an outlet for a challenge that I’m currently running for myself on the MGTV stream. More info on that will be posted here tonight!
And of course, more MTG stuff later on tonight as well!

Stay tuned Nurglige.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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A message to all Guest Writers

Hello Nurglings!
And hello guest writers!

I just wanted to send out a reminder on something that… you know, may be important. Naoki recently asked me about how he should contact me about new posts/articles. So I thought I would tell everyone through the blog!

When you post an article/post that you want to share on here, please send me a mail OR leave a comment in the “Guest Writer – Information & Contact” page above with a link to what you want to share.

A few reasons I want it to be done this way is:
I do believe it’s easier for you to send a link then it is for me to stay updated with all blogs, all the time. Sometimes it may take awhile between posts as well, and I don’t want to miss them.
And only you know if it is content you want to share.

So now you know! Stay awesome everyone.

If you want to become a guest writer as well, leave a comment with your mail, or send me a mail (check the contact page above).

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Video message to all the interested writers!

Hello Nurglings!
And… hello writers!

So I’ve gotten a few answers to the post yesterday, I haven’t sent out any emails to you guys yet but I thought I would start with sharing this little info/hello video from me to you. 🙂

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Looking for writers! Let’s start a community/network!

Hello Nurglings!

A long time ago, I asked if there was anyone out there that would like to write for this blog. At the time I didn’t get that many readers and the ones that did come on here often probably weren’t bloggers themselves. But now the number of readers has been going up steadily (yay!). So I thought I would give this another chance. This time with a little more proper request.

What am I looking for?
– Anyone is welcome to leave a message here and tell me you’re interested! It doesn’t matter what gender, how old, or where you’re from. Just enjoy writing!

– You love games and gaming

– You love writing about games and gaming!

– If you already have a blog where you write regularly that is great!

– I’d love to see people that interested in any of the following; Card Gaming in general, YuGiOh, Miniature Gaming, nerdy things, “life of a gamer” issues/thoughts and ideas.

Something that’s important for you to know is that I’m not looking to steal time from your blog writing, if you have something that you’re posting on your blog that is interesting for gaming nerds I will simply share it on my blog as well. Sure I’d love to see you write something specific that would fit on here but it’s not a requirement.

What do I as a guest writer get out of this?
– Info/PR for you and your own blog! I will make a page specially for anyone that wants to share their writing on here. There you can write a small presentation on you with a link to your own blog! (Presentation is of course optional).

– Be a part of a bigger community. If this goes well, and we get a few bloggers together, there is no end to what this could become. Next step may be a website, YouTube and Twitter account under a collaboration name.

– This is a thing that’s supposed to be FUN! Always remember that.

What is this project?
– The whole idea with this project is to create a small community with writers/gamers and hobbyist that LOVE to share their thoughts on different subjects in gaming.

– This blog will be a spring board to share our articles and thoughts to work our way up in the blogging world.

– Together we can do great things!

– Most importantly, this project is supposed to be FUN. Not a goldmine, not a publicity stunt for anyone, but a fun project with an evolving community and goal.

So what are you waiting for? Already have something that you feel would be worth sharing? Leave me a message!
And if you have any questions? Leave me a message!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Want to work in Canada/ or from your home? – MiniWarGaming is Hiring

Hello Nurglings!

MiniWarGaming is a store/community/youtube channel and site that I’ve been following for a long time. Love their videos, the people (seems to be) awesome!
And they are currently looking for new people to work with. If you’re interested look at the video below for all information about the job and how to apply.
To see more of MiniWarGaming just go their site or YouTube channel and check them out.

Good luck if you apply!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Warhammer 40k – New daemon minatures “revealed”!

Hello Nurglings!

Guess what, there have been a few image leaks on the internet. Images of what you ask? Well the new Daemon models in Warhammer 40k of course! Awesome! And cause I’m Nurgle, I will share with you these miniatures!

(Here is also a video of someone showing the images)

So is this for a new Daemon Codex? Or is it for a combined Chaos Space Marines/Daemon Codex? That would be awesome but probably won’t happen when they just added the ally rules.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!