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IKEA Shelf = Battlefield display for your game miniatures!

Hello Nurglings!

How are you doing? What? Have I talking to much about miniature games and board games latley? Well you know, this is a gaming blog! Anyway, today I found some old pictures of an IKEA shelf that I have at home (stored away right now) that lets you use shelfspace as a battlefield display for your miniatures.

Yes I said IKEA shelf. Yes I said battlefield.
Wanna see it? Here you go! (Sorry about not having a complete picture).

So I had an idea, I actually need to get this shelf properley up on my wall, and to celebrate this. I’m going to make a second shelf! I thought I would make a tutorial or… ”how to” post and/or a video about how you can do one yourself. And that is without having to buy plenty of expensive citadel/GF9 buildings. I mean if you want that on your shelf you’re welcome to put that on there of course!

So, next week Nurglings, I will show you how to make a sweet display!

Until next time, take care Nurlings!
Cya soon!

Nurgle’s Warmachine Pirates – Painted and ready for a few more games!

Hello Nurglings!

I’m a person that needs to try out any card game out there, and almost any miniature game out there. If I haven’t, I sure wish that I had the time and/or money to try it and play it. A goal would be to have a functional deck in every card game at any time and a small force for any miniature game at any time.

(Btw. I’m also working on my Tau again for Warhammer 40k! )

Sooo I just finished painting my miniatures for a game called Warmachine, of course I had to play the coolest army around… Pirates! 😀

Until next time Nurglings, I will hopefully have finished my Malifaux crew and finished the rest of my Tau units.
Cya soon!

Malifaux Miniature Game – Starting at last!

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s finally time for me to start with this wonderful miniature game! Malifaux. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time now, and I finally found a sweet Swedish store to order from. They actually had some of the newer stuff + great prices and free shipping about a certain cost.

Sadly they were out of the rulebook, but I guess I can just print out the manual… or well, a friend of mine can. So I’m going to read up on the rules again and will soon be painting my awesome looking showgirls! 😀

So here is what I ordered to begin with:
Showgirl Box
And a Fate Deck (used instead of dices in the game).

So excpect to see some pictures of my best painted models in a near future! For an example of my old work, here is a Warmchine pressganger;

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

More Miniature Games (Warmachine Press Gangers)

Hello my Nurglings!

I’m sorry to tell you, but there will be more miniature gaming coming your way, and that’s hopefully soon. Mostly I’m just going to show you some of the miniatures I’ve painted or talk about what I’m getting. A few reviews and fun facts may also follow of course. I hope you don’t mind miniature gaming hitting this blog, but I do bet that some of you are miniature gamers as well.

So with this I just wanted to show some old miniatures painted by your truly (yes by me).
Game: Warmachine
Figures: Press Gangers (Pirates ARR!)

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad Release Draft – Here I come!

Hello my Nurglings!

My lord I’ve been slow with updating lately. Not without reason though… 4 hours every day is taken up by a “start my own business course”, and a few more hours disappears when I’m actually working on things for that business. For the ones of you that have been around know just a little bit about it, if you want to know more just click the: “What is Card Dome” button up top.

So what have I’ve been up to lately? Well I’m currently looking for a skirmish miniature game to play. I started playing Warmachine/Hoards for awhile but I soon realized that the scale of those battles were bigger than I wanted them to be. I want to play a game where every single model on the field is a character (or at least just as important as a character in other miniature games). I love to paint unique models and give them a feel that stands out. Warmachine have that, but it also has plenty of units, and I don’t want units, I want heroes (or very very small units).

But I don’t want to talk about that too much; I know you’re not here to read about miniature games. So instead:

I’m soon leaving for an Innistrad release draft! It will be legendary! Been training on drafting Innistrad for the last two weeks on various sites on the net and I do believe I’m ready to do it for real. So wish me luck everyone and hopefully I will return home with some sweet cards. I’m bringing my Camera and I’m hopefully getting some sweet pictures today. So you can excpect some sweet drafting reports later today or by the latest: tomorrow.

So until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Turneringar / Event i Göteborg (Uppdatering)

Eftersom jag skriver om en massa olika spel just nu så jag väl försöka göra en mer välutförd lista för de människor som gillar att variera sig. Detta blir också en uppdatering på sidan (som ni ser här vanför) TCG Turneringar i Göteborg. Den kommer nu heta: Turneringar / Event I Göteborg. Here we go. ^^

_____Wizard Games_____
För att hitta till WG se här: Information
För att få mer information om turneringarna se här: Kalender

Måndagar – Magic Draft. (17.00)
Tisdagar – GOBBL – Göteborg Open Blood Bowl League (16.00) / Warmachine Gaming Day!(17.00)
Onsdagar – Magic Legacy (17.00)
Torsdagar – Yu Gi Oh Advanced. (Kl. 17.00 – Pris: 45kr. )
Fredagar – Friday Night Magic. Detta växlar mellan Standard Constructed och Draft. (17.00)
Söndagar – Brädspelssöndag (Hela dagen) / The Spoils (16.00)

_____Vasa Gaming_____
För att hitta till Vasa och få mer information om dem, se här: Vasa Gaming
Måndagar – Pokemon TCG Liga (17.00)
Tisdagar – Magic Legacy (18.00)
Onsdagar – Magic Casual (18.00)
Torsdagar – Magic Draft (18.00)
Fredagar – Friday Night Magic (18.00)
Söndagar – Yu Gi Oh Booster Hunt (18.00)

_____Spel I Focus_____
Även om det sker väldigt få event på Spel I Focus så har de det största utbudet av brädspel och väldigt bra priser. Missa inte det. Spel I Focus
Lördagar – Yu Gi Oh Advanced (11.00)