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Ignorant gaming communities, and how to join them.

Hello Nurglings!

Warning: This is a very long article!

I thought I would share something that has been… not bothering me, but it’s a thought that has been twirling around in my head. Lately there have been a lot of articles posted about the female players of Magic, how they are looked at by 90% of the players who are male. And thankfully also their accomplishments in Magic.

I was thinking about this at the same time as I was sitting down at my local hobby shop, looking through my Yu Gi Oh collection. At the same time I was talking with a few of my friends that plays Magic the Gathering. The room was crowded with players playing different card games. A World of Warcraft TCG tournament was taking place in the room, some Yu Gi Oh players took up a big table discussing the game and playing it, and in front of me my friends were sleeving The Spoils decks to demo the game at an event here in Gothenburg the next day. A huge mix of games and players of all ages, it was a good day for card games.
In the past I was very active in the Yu Gi Oh community, as a gamer and collector. I’m still a moderator at the biggest Yu Gi Oh forum in Sweden, and I try to stay somewhat up to date so I can join the discussions or at least understand them. A year or so ago I switched my focus to other card games and haven’t really been active with Yu Gi Oh.

Recently the Yu Gi Oh Swedish national was announced, and I thought I would join in. Meeting with the people again and doing something that I actually enjoy more than gaming; going to events and experiencing the social side of card gaming. When sitting with the cards I was met by skepticism from the other Yu Gi Oh players. Mainly because I wasn’t active anymore, and they questioned why I would start with it now instead of just keep playing Magic the Gathering.

This onetime thing didn’t really bother me too much, I know the Yu Gi Oh players around here and shortly after I was offered to borrow cards for Nationals if I really wanted to join. I KNEW this, but what if I was a new player, sitting down for the first time, building a deck for a tournament that is way over my head (and still is to be honest). Just to hear: why are you even trying?

Yu Gi Oh is a constant eternal format just like Magic the Gatherings Vintage or Legacy. All cards are allowed in tournaments except for a selected few on a banlist. These types of formats and games usually costs more than games focused around new cards and sets. This is because of a simple thing: supply and demand. The older the set gets, the cards from it gets harder to find and fewer and fewer cards keep rotating between players. The prices go up and it becomes less interesting for new players to join that type of game because of this.

But not only is the cost a problem, but the community that plays these eternal formats are usually players that have stuck with it for a long time. What I’ve noticed with these players is the fact that not many of them allow new players to “join in”. New blood is considered players without skills and without decks and cards that are interesting to play against. And that may be true, new players don’t have the decks or skills yet, but why shut them out just because they aren’t at your level?

I think this is one of many things that are happening within Magic right now, discussing the female players. The male demographic is having issues with the fact that this smaller group of players that haven’t really been successful before, are starting to become worthy opponents. If a smaller group of Legacy players have issues with new players without skills or decks. The male gaming community as a whole has been having this issue with female players. It’s time to become more accepting of new players, especially if we want our gaming groups or games in general to grow.

We can’t let the new players be shut out just because they don’t know everything from the start. If we talk about the game with them, play it with them and discuss things that they may want to think about. They will find that once you become a part of the community, the community is awesome. The social aspect of card games is a huge thing, blogs, forums, gaming groups, these are all huge and important things for a card game to have. But as a social game, we also need to respect each other and people we meet through gaming. No matter the gender, what they’ve played before, how much they’ve played or even what their names are.

Learn the basics:
If you’re a new player, or someone that wants to try a new game out. Try and look at the rules before you head down to your local hobby or gaming store. The more of the basic rules you know, the easier it will be for the older players to respect you as a new player.

Be social:
Even if the gamers there may a bit nervous with you being new. Talk to them, they are not as dangerous as they look.

Put your hard skin on:
As the new player you will realize that there is a lot of “friendly bullying” going on between players. And this is nothing to be afraid of, this is something that is very common within any type of gaming, online or offline.

Ask other players for help (even if you don’t really want it):

People that think they are good at any game, love to talk about their skills. Ask the other players for help, about your deck, gaming style or whatever. They love to share what they think is best. This way it’s easier to talk to them afterwards and that is a huge positive side effect of asking a simple question.

Well that was it for now everyone.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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Cryptozoic: Now Hiring Game Designers for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to share some work related news for you all! Well for all of you that are interested in working in the gaming industry. I know I am, but moving to the states really don’t feel like my path. Not right now anyway. But for all of you over there with the possibility to do so:

Cryptozoic is looking for a new Game Designer for the World Of Warcraft TCG.

And here is the posting talking about it:

Do you love the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? Have you dreamed of working in the gaming industry as a designer? Well, this is your chance! We’re looking for talented designers that have a passion for innovation and strong sense of how clever design can bring entirely new gameplay experiences to life.

Experience is great but not necessary — sometimes talent just needs a chance to prove itself — so apply now and receive our short, World of Warcraft Trading Card Game-specific design test. All tests will be reviewed by our design staff, and who knows? You may be on your way to join the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game team before too long.

Also check out our other job listings on

If you’re interested, take the chance! Good luck!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nerd Calendar – 1st – Christmas Lego Yoda

Hello my Nurglings!

And happy first December to you! The next 24 days I will be posting something very Christmas-e and nerd-ish every day. The idea just popped in to my head, so this very first day may not be so fun. But as I always say: it’s something!

I will try and find better and more fun stuff to show the days to come, I promise! For now:

Until next time, take care!
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Poll of the Day: What card game holds your favorite artworks?

Hello my Nurglings!

As I posted a day or so ago, my favorite artist for Magic is John Avon. And you can’t really blame me for that can you? So to follow that up with the Poll of the day: What card game holds your favorite artworks?

Until next time, take care.
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Poll of the day – Favorite game to see duels from?

Hello my Nurglings!

Yea the questions is kind of straight forward. I’ve been doing a lot of dueling videos lately and I do think some of you enjoy them, I’ve been focusing heavily on Yu Gi Oh games though (Yu Gi Oh players are the ones most excited about being recorded). But I could try and get more games and videos up here from stuff ike Magic The Gathering (not Magic Online), Pokémon games or something else.


Thanks for answering the question!
Until next time, take care.
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7 Decks, 7 Games, 7 Days – Scourge Aggro (World Of Warcraft TCG)

Welcome back to 777, let me just tell you, the less you know about a card game the better! No, that’s not right, but let’s pretend that’s how it works for now. When I first started trying out the WoW trading card game, I looked in to the theme of scourge, they have creatures that are unlimited to any deck, meaning that you can have any amount of those cards in your deck. I just fell in love with this idea and picked a few favourites to create something that looks like an aggressive deck, I don’t know how the format looks or how the meta decks work, but I know I would love facing someone with this just for laughs.

Marauding Geist, this little man fills up 15(!) spots in the deck, and is a 3/1 for 1 that can only attack if there’s a card in each graveard. I really hope people won’t stall me out because of that. So while these little guys run amok on the field together with some other sweet Scourge creatures, I use plenty of Mage burn spells to throw in my opponents face.

Here is the deck!

Hero: Queen Angerboda

Ally: 36
1x Shade of Arugal
1x King Ymiron
1x Sindragosa, the Frost Queen
4x Overlord Drakuru
4x Plague Eruptor
5x Banshee Soulclaimer
5x Ymirheim Chosen Warrior
15x Marauding Geist

Ability: 16
4x Fire Blast
4x Arcane Essence
4x Flame Burst
4x Arcane Foresight

Quests: 8
4x The Essence of Enmity
4x Mystery Goo

Until next time, take care!

Cya Soon!

To discuss this:

Guess what? National Qualifier (Core) – Wow TCG 2011

Just got this little info poster here on the blog from Vasa Gaming here in Gothenburg. They will be holding 4 National Qualifiers for the World Of Warcraft TCG. The first one takes place July 30th.
The format is Core Constructed and everyone is welcome, if you pay the fee of 75kr of course.

Check out their website ( or their facebook (!/VasaGaming) for more information on them and tournaments. ^^

Here is some general info (in Swedish)

National Qualifier (Core) Wow – TCG 2011

Mer info
Lördagen den 30:e Juli.
1:a kvalet (Kommer vara 4st kval i Gbg sammanlagt)
Start tid: 13:00
Registrering : 12:00 och 13:00
Kostnad : 75kr

Booster stege, 1st booster till alla som deltar samt promo kort så länge lagret räcker.
Under hela dagen från öppning kan man drafta om ett Guldkantat kort antingen “Cunning” eller “Time”. (1 worldbreaker, 1 war of the elements och 1 twilight of the dragons)

Draft kostar : 130kr

Första gången vi har ett stort kval på Vasa Gaming, Och vi önskar er alla som spelar Wow – Tcg Hjärtligt välkomna till en heldag i GBG.
(Viss del av informationen kommer ändras fick inte tillräckligt men dagen och tiden är spikad.)

Mvh Dennis

World Of Warcraft TCG – Draft Resultat – Wizard Games 19/10

World Of Warcraft TCG
19 Oktober 2010

1 – Linus, L
2 – Thomas, F
3 – Erik, J
4 – Henrik, W
5 – Niklas, B
6 – Alexander, E