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Scrolls changelog 0.97 – crafting is live!


Hello Nurglings!

Here is the latest update from ! Remember to check the game out. 🙂


Chunk of changelog incoming…

Crafting is now live. For a more detailed explanation of how that works, check this post. Aside from that, we’re updating the “Just for You” section of the store more often, and introducing a smattering of bug fixes. Read on for the full changelog.

Bug fixes

Machination Mindset can now be put on relentless units
Automata Forge now produces units even if attack is non-zero
Charge Coil and Ether Pump now trigger Efficiency
Dust Runner now triggers Efficiency
Efficiency now generates resources for the caster, not the unit owner
Fixed bug where units could get visually stuck when libraries were reshuffled
Fixed bug where scrolls disappeared if players clicked on same unit twice with Transposition
Can now see last idol health in 5:4 aspect ratio
Store now works properly after buying an avatar or preconstructed deck
Scroll preview for rightmost scroll in deck builder now works as intended

Personal store items now refresh every three days instead of once per week.
AI improvements

Crafting is live
You can now see your stats on upgraded Scrolls
Players automatically join a shared chat room with chat history after exiting a match

Thanks for reading! Oh, one more thing. I’ll be posting an update on Scrolls development progress today tomorrow.

Owen – @bopogamel

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls card game – 3 New Scrolls!

Hello Nurglings!

A new update for Scrolls and with that they released 3 new Scrolls! That’s awesome right?
Hope you enjoy.

Scrolls - Automata Forge

Scrolls - Faith Duty

Scrolls - Stag Heart

All of these were a part of the 0.95.1 patch, which you can read about here:

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls changelog 0.95


Hello Nurglings!

Time to share some Scrolls updates. 😀
As posted on their website here:

Deck builder: Improved filtering interface.
Deck builder: Added a new sort button.
Store: Added rarity information and cards left when buying scrolls and packs.

Modified: Noaidi (Growth). Creature, 2/2/2, cost 3. When Noaidi comes into play, you gain 1 resource of each non-Growth type your opponent has.

Clicking the “General” or “Trading” join room buttons now automatically joins General-X or Trading-X.

Bug Fixes
Chat is no longer disabled after matches.
Notice messages should now work as intended.
Fixed a few bugs where newly bought scrolls would render incorrectly.
Fixed issues causing the game to become unresponsive when switching servers (entering or leaving a match).
Usernames and passwords can now contain unicode characters.
Unit stats now also show for new units after being toggled with the “Ctrl” key. The “Alt” key now shows stats while held down.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls Card Game – Upcoming balance changes!

Hello Nurglings!

So Noaidi will be getting a nerf, it’s currently running the new weaker version on the test servers. Below you can see the original Scrolls + the fixes below it.
To read all about this you can also go here:

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - NoaidiTest server scroll changes
Modified: Noaidi (Growth). Creature, 2/2/2, cost 3. When Noaidi comes into play, you can gain 1 resource of each non-Growth type your opponent has.

So let me be the first to say: Thank you! Not only did I underestimate Noaidi to begin with but I quickly started to hate him. Any Growth deck now have plenty of GREAT match-ups, if it was a mirror match the player running Noaidi all of a sudden had a great advantage in the match-up. And Growth decks with splash cards had a very easy time getting ahead in resources against other mono decks. The power of not having to ”waste” a scroll in your hand for resources is a great ability to have, and Noaidi does that.

The newer Growth/Order control is still running around like a crazy child beating up it’s smaller siblings but… at least their Noaidi pets are nerfed.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls Deck – Growth Order Control

growth order control

Hello Nurglings!

I’m about to show you a deck that I’ve been facing ALOT lately. Like always I never really go around forums trying to find ”THEE” build that people are using, instead I’m using what I feel is right. Of course that may very well be wrong.


I enjoyed this deck when I started playing it, but I feel like it’s really not as powerful as it should be. Just like the 3-color deck that I showed you last time this deck can get horrible starts and if you’re opponent has fast deck, it can be hard to take back control of the match.

At the moment there are actually 2 version of this Growth / Order Control deck. And I will show you the most common one today. I will post the other version in the future but for now let’s look at the one that you’re most likely facing right now.

Let’s first take a look at the creatures and Structures.

Creatures: 12
3x Kinfolk Veteran
3x Sister of the Wolf
3x Kinfolk Brave /or Noaidi
3x Ragged Wolf /or Vaettr of the Wilds

Structures: 9
3x Stone Pact Memorial
3x Woodland Memorial
3x Waking Stones

Yes as you can see I’m a bit iffy about which creatures to play, the first ones mentioned are the ones that I’m playing. I feel like that can give more a aggressive style of play if you need to go on to the offensive. Vaettr and Noaidi are also great scrolls for the deck, so really, go with what you prefer here. Not much to talk about when it comes to the Structures. Your Waking Stones are very important to defend yourself against any aggressive decks and they will very often save you from aggression. Use them in your mid Idols to defend yourself where it matters.

Spells: 26
3x Fertile Soil
3x Quake
3x Summons
3x Eye of Eagle
3x Imperial Resources
3x Kabonk
3x Divine Mark
2x Decimation
2x Pushback
1x God Hand

Enchantment: 3
3x Heritage

So… as you can see we have a lot going on for us in the spells. First of all: there are a lot of them, and yes this build is missing out on some scrolls that you can normally see in this deck. The one that really stands out as missing is: Pother. It’s a scroll that cycles itself and can win you games by removing a blocking unit. And if you want to include Pother I would say lose 1 copy of Summons and Eye of Eagle. Two Pothers should be plenty for the deck.

Just as my last deck, this deck is also using the Sister of Wolf, Heritage, Fertile Soil combo. It’s a great way of gaining plenty of scrolls fast. Any deck using Order and Growth should really use this combo to pull away from your opponent. Since the deck is kinda slow we’re using Imperial Resources to recover from any damage taken to your Idols.

Divine Mark: I did not believe in this scroll to begin with, but by facing these decks with Diving Mark in them, I realize that they are very powerful. You can replay your Haste creatures, your creatures with heritage can return to your hand AND draw you two cards. Your opponents big creatures can’t easily get through. Relentless wont help them and a certain double shot cannon combo will not be able to get past Divine Mark.

There are plenty of small tricks to this deck, and it’s all really about pulling away from your opponent to get a late game where you just cycle through your spells and win. Enjoy this Scrolls control deck everyone!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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PS. Decimation wins you games.

Scrolls Card Game – 3 new Scrolls! [With comments/reviews]

Hello Nurglings!

I know my ”almost a review” is still not out for this game but I’m still going to post news about it, and you can do nothing to stop me! Mohahaaha! So anyway, three new Scrolls have been released and I thought we would take a look at them.

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Noaidi

Okay so this guy is a bit iffy, the effect is very strong in the right deck but I’m not sure if there is a spot for him yet. He could work well in the 3-color control decks where he would give you resources + a guy, which in some cases would be better than a Memorial. If you’re facing duo decks you can even get some awesome value from this guy.

You won’t play him in pure Growth decks tho, his stats are ”okay” but they are nothing you really need in the Growth decks in the moment. If you face an opponent that’s not any of your colors he’s really not worth the space in the deck.

But the more popular multicolor decks gets this guy will get better, and if you play one yourself let me know how he works out for you. I will be trying him in my 3-color deck and will report on my success!

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Efficiency

The reason this card exists, is so that you wont have to discard for resources in Order/Energy decks. Instead you can play this and sac a card for two cards, that way you get your resource for the turn + new cards in your hand. It can also be used to push your damage that one extra step if needed.

I’m not sure how this card mixes with Iron Ogre if you get +1 Energy for EACH unit he manages to kill or just the first one, aka: a static ability that only trigger once. I’ve seen a few Energy / Order decks out there and I can defiantly see this card being used as a ramp card (ramping = working up your resources faster than 1 each turn) especially since Energy want to have a great amount of resources towards the end game.

This way it’s easier for them to work out their combos and kill of units and Idols… FAST.

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Dust Runner
Dust Runner
I LOVE THIS GUY. Maybe he will be overrated, maybe he will not do as much work as I think he will, but every single burn spell just got better in Energy. Use a Spark to get a creatures health down and let this guy finish him of. Mixing this guy with Concentrated Fire also clears up week units fast. This will be a definite include in any Energy deck that focus on Ranged units.

Rememeber tho, his ability on works on CREATURES so Walls and Structures can stop him in his tracks.

Time to change our Energy decks. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little commentary on the new cards, and until next time Nurglings.
Take care, cya soon!

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Scrolls Match – Nurgleprobe Vs. relidrina

Hello Nurglings!

Hope you enjoyed.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls deck – Utility Totems [3 color deck!]


Hello Nurglings!

I will in a near future post my ”Almost a Review” of the card game Scrolls. But the writing is a bit slow at the moment. So I thought I would give all you Scrolls fans something else in the meantime. The deck: Utility Totems.

Utility Totems deck title

If you’ve played a lot of Scrolls you may have met versions of this deck, the deck uses all the Memorials to gain a great deal of resources throughout the game. This is then mixed with plenty of card draw and removal to keep you safe while you build up for a end game.

This is my first time showing a Scrolls deck like this so I’m not sure how the deck list should be done, but I’m going to try it like this. Let’s first start with our Structures since they are a huge part in this deck.

Structures: 20
3x Desert Memorial
3x Woodland Memorial
3x Law Memorial
3x Tribal Memorial
3x Sand Pact Memorial
3x Stone Pact Memorial
2x Clock Library

So as you can see we’re playing plenty of the Memorials, actually, we’re playing all of them in this deck. When I first started playing the deck I was worried that the totems would get in the way during the game. Was it really good to have a starting hand filled with Memorials? And trust me when I say: The more Memorials you get and draw in to in the beginning of the game: the better. You want to rush resources as fast as possible so that you can play your more expensive spells and combos.

The two Clock Library scrolls can be very important in some games, even if they wont always draw you scrolls they can be very important when facing creatures with Relentless. Always try and put them where you need them to protect you OR in a corner where you can make sure that the Clock Library survives until the Countdown reaches 0.

Let’s move on to the very important spells of the deck.

Spells: 20
3x Burn
3x Spark
3x Fertile Soil
3x Violent Dispersal
3x Quake
3x Thunder Surge
2x End of Reason

I know that you’re looking at this list and you’re thinking: Well that’s a lot of cards that can kill stuff. Yes. Yes it is. And I’m very proud to have a certain scroll in my list that most decks like this wont use. End of Reason. This card has proven to be great in this list. Often when you play against people that are aware of Thunder Surge it can be hard to make it a effective spell with your opponents creatures and structures being spread out. And at other times they are to big to clear out with Thunder Surge or Quake. End of Reason can be a very effective swipe because of our huge amount of Memorials. Playing a Memorial wont really do that much for you in the end game in a normal Utility Totem list. They will block some damage and attacks but not much else. With End Of Reason, your Memorials are becoming killing machines even in the late game! And when you’re stacked up with scrolls and resources, creating 4 to 6 damage in two rows isn’t that hard.

Play with care tho! So you don’t end up sacrificing the wrong things. Like your very important Iron Ogres, talking about Ogres…

Moving on to Enchantments and Creatures!

Enchantments: 3
3x Heritage

Creatures: 7
3x Sister of the Wolf
2x Kinfolk Veteran
2x Iron Ogre

So as you can see we are not playing plenty of scrolls that directly win us the game, even our two Kinfolk Veterans works as removal for us a lot of the time. The reason we’re mixing Ogres with Veterans is the fact that the two attacks together become a whooping 10 damage, and that equals a dead Totem.

Sister of the Wolf is a card you should not overlook. With 6 Growth you can play a Sister of the Wolf followed by a Fertile Soil and that means 4 fresh new cards to your hand. And when most of your removal is in the Energy portion of the deck it also means that you can often use your removal directly after this combo or even play a Iron Ogre. And of course, if you have a Heritage to attach to your Sister of the Wolf that’s even more fresh scrolls to your hand.

Need some cards bro

This deck is incredibly strong when it gets a good opener, once the drawing machine starts it’s hard to take the deck down. The multitude of removal and sweepers makes any non Haste creatures very week. But beware that the deck can have issues with fast Order decks. If they get a good enough position early it’s not certain that you’re mass-removal scrolls will help you fast enough, as they wont kill all the Order creatures in one go most of the time. Just focus on your energy and try to control the early game as you build resources and you should be fine.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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