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If you want to make some extra commercial for your game or event please contact us with information and links! We will be sure to post within the next few days after receiving the message.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Nurgleprobe – Owner

You can contact me about anything related to this blog!

Comment! – For quick answers

Just put a comment on this page and I will try and reply to is as quick as possible! 🙂

  1. Blir du, mot all förmodan, ivägskickad till Mars så följer jag efter. ❤

  2. Is it okay if I link to your blog from my main page? I think a lot of the material can supplement the things I talk about. It’s very informative and the news breaks faster than on any of the other websites I follow.

  3. Done. Set it up on my main page. If you know anybody coming to Grand Prix in Nagoya this December be sure to link them to my page! 😉

    • Hey, if you want me to share some information about your blog, I would gladly post it. But I would prefer if you wrote the presentation yourself! Just write something about your blog, what you write about and what kind of information they can find there and I will share it with my readers. 🙂


  4. Howdy 🙂 great blog here!

  5. Vincent Ekstrand

    Ska du fortsätta med YGONGW eller?

    • Mer kommer det nog tillslut, men ingenting är planerat just nu. Får hoppas att Yu Gi Oh spelarna i Göteborg får sig ett ordentligt ställe att spela, så det går att spela in material.


  6. Have you seen any krenko deck lists for mtg i have been kicking around goblins, they are always fun decks??

    • I’ve seen the list for Goblins, but I haven’t been trying it out myself. As I understand it though, the deck actually works okay as a FNM deck. 🙂


  7. so ive noticed alot of people getting really exited with commander if i email you a decklist or 2 could you post them or how would i go about doing maybe a guest article on commander??

  8. I had a quick question. I’m about to order some Pokemon cards from a Canadian vender on Amazon. Do any of y’all know if Canadian cards are legal in the US?

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