It happened: Updated once again!

Hello Nurglings!

I have not updated this blog in a long time, but I’m on it again with my Pokémon TCG decklists (and videos to match!). So the deck archive or list page is now much easyer to browse and see which format a deck is from. I hope you enjoy that, and here below is the current list.

So in the next few weeks I will be posting several decks on here again from both Standard and Expanded (a format I’ve neglected on the blog somewhat). Also, I will start posting a few decks for the new format on PTCGO: LEGACY!

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will!

PTCGO - Standard FormatPTCGO - Mewtwo EX deckPTCGO - Trevenant GengarEXPTCGO - HoundoomEXPTCGO - StarmiePTCGO - SeismitoadEX EmpoleonPTCGO - LucarioEX CrobatPTCGO - AmpharosEX ManectricEXPTCGO - Full Retaliation GyaradosPTCGO - TyranitarEX CrobatPTCGO - LatiosEX CrobatPTCGO - Nidoqueen AncientTraitPTCGO - Entei AncientTraitPTCGO - Rayquaza SpeedPTCGO - SharpedoEXPTCGO - MachampEXPTCGO - ToxicroakEXPTCGO - DugtrioPTCGO - metagross ancient traitPTCGO - mienshaoPTCGO - noivernPTCGO - night march oldPTCGO - sceptileEX GiratinaEX


PTCGO - Expanded FormatPTCGO - LatiosEX Crobat

Thanks for lurking!
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