Pokémon TCG deck – Toxicroak EX / Crobat [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Toxicroak EX / Crobat
Deck Name: Frog Lock
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016

Toxicroak Crobat




4 Toxicroak EX 4 Super Scoop Up 4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Zubat 4 VS Seeker 2 Psychic Energy
4 Golbat 4 Dimension Valley 2 Mystic Energy
3 Crobat 3 Ultra Ball
2 Skrelp 3 Professor Sycamore
2 Dragalge 2 Professor Birch’s Observations
2 Shaymin EX 2 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Switch
2 AZ
2 Lysandre
1 Battle Compressor

Hints / Things to think about

  • This deck is mostly about winning slowly, small amount of damages to slowly kill of your opponent Pokémon. But be sure to use Toxicroaks second attack to get faster beatdowns.
  • Lysandre is a huge tool for you in this deck, pull something out, poison it and watch it fade away without the ability to retreat with Dragalge on the bench!
  • Crobat is also a attacker. Believe it or not. And can even do so while you’ve locked your opponents active with poison.
  • Becuase you do not have a huge amount of burst damage, make sure to focus your damage on important targets (EX’s especially for the double prizes).
  • Even tho you need to focus your damage, do not forget to calculate for turns where you can get double KO’s with poison and bat sniping.


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