Short Review – Prison Architect

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Back in the day I was a huge city builder fan. I loved the old SimCity games where you could focus more on the outline of your city and make everything ”feel” good for you. Than the later games have added plenty of tiny functions that I never really liked that much. The micro management was never really THAT fun there. Prison Architect gives me that awesome feeling that those older city builders did, focusing on building and having fun rather than micromanagement.

I can build a prison that have a layout and style that I like. And once you’ve finished a huge chunk of the prison you can start to micromanage the different sections and rules of the prison and even though I didn’t like that in the citygames I love it here! Becuase everything you change have an almost emediate effect on your prison.

I also love that this is one of those games that actually keeps getting updated! You get new things and new game rules to play around and the game is even getting a bit harder (and that’s a good thing). Truly my only complaint about Prison Architect is the fact that once you’ve gotten far enough with your build it can be a bit slow. You’re prison is safe, you’re guard do their job and you keep getting money to advance babysteps forward. And that means waiting for that money you need to keep building. Some time ago you could even let the game run by itself to just get money and not really losing anything for doing so.

Overall a great city bu…. prison building game that will bring you hours and hours of gaming fun.


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