MTG – Post rotation deck – Maze’s End Control

Hello Nurglings!

So before you even read about this deck, I just want to say: This deck IS legal in the coming format and the deck just won me 5 games in a row on Magic The Gathering Online. I’m enjoying it and I really want to try this out in the coming format. The deck is not really that expensive and if you want to get the deck together, do it now. Cause most of the good cards in this deck that are rares are not costly… for now. We still don’t know what will happen with the coming format and investing to much in anything is a risk at this point.

But this is the deck for me.

mazes end control

For the first time ever, we will start at the lands. Because the lands are fun!

Lands: 28
4x Maze’s End
2x Azorius Guildgate
2x Boros Guildgate
2x Rakdos Guildgate
2x Simic Guildgate
2x Golgari Guildgate
2x Dimir Guildgate
2x Gruul Guildgate
2x Izzet Guildgate
2x Selesnya Guildgate
2x Orzhov Guildgate
2x Mountain
2x Swamp

So as you can see our winning strategy is to beat our opponent by putting ten different lands in to play. And… it will happen. Most of the time. When your opponent is not just giving up or dying from the Gatekeeper beatdown. Yes… that actually happened. Talking about Gatekeepers.

Creatures: 4
4x Saruli Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper is just the first part of defending yourself from death, joining in with our lifegain creature we have a ton of removal to make sure that you keep yourself alive.

Sorceries: 14
4x Mizzium Mortars
4x Urban Evolution
4x Supreme Verdict
2x Dreadbore

Instant: 14
4x Doom Blade
4x Far // Away
3x Warleader’s Helix
2x Counterflux
1x Putrefy

Enjoy this deck guys, cause I’m currently having a blast with it!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig


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  1. i recently bought the “Knights VS Dragons” magic the gathering duel deck pack. i wanted to know if it was legal in standard format..

    • Hi there, sadly those decks include cards that are not legal in the standard format. Most of the dual decks are constructed with flavor and by a certain format. Sadly.

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