Scrolls changelog 0.97 – crafting is live!


Hello Nurglings!

Here is the latest update from ! Remember to check the game out. 🙂


Chunk of changelog incoming…

Crafting is now live. For a more detailed explanation of how that works, check this post. Aside from that, we’re updating the “Just for You” section of the store more often, and introducing a smattering of bug fixes. Read on for the full changelog.

Bug fixes

Machination Mindset can now be put on relentless units
Automata Forge now produces units even if attack is non-zero
Charge Coil and Ether Pump now trigger Efficiency
Dust Runner now triggers Efficiency
Efficiency now generates resources for the caster, not the unit owner
Fixed bug where units could get visually stuck when libraries were reshuffled
Fixed bug where scrolls disappeared if players clicked on same unit twice with Transposition
Can now see last idol health in 5:4 aspect ratio
Store now works properly after buying an avatar or preconstructed deck
Scroll preview for rightmost scroll in deck builder now works as intended

Personal store items now refresh every three days instead of once per week.
AI improvements

Crafting is live
You can now see your stats on upgraded Scrolls
Players automatically join a shared chat room with chat history after exiting a match

Thanks for reading! Oh, one more thing. I’ll be posting an update on Scrolls development progress today tomorrow.

Owen – @bopogamel

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

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