Scrolls Deck – Growth Order Control

growth order control

Hello Nurglings!

I’m about to show you a deck that I’ve been facing ALOT lately. Like always I never really go around forums trying to find ”THEE” build that people are using, instead I’m using what I feel is right. Of course that may very well be wrong.


I enjoyed this deck when I started playing it, but I feel like it’s really not as powerful as it should be. Just like the 3-color deck that I showed you last time this deck can get horrible starts and if you’re opponent has fast deck, it can be hard to take back control of the match.

At the moment there are actually 2 version of this Growth / Order Control deck. And I will show you the most common one today. I will post the other version in the future but for now let’s look at the one that you’re most likely facing right now.

Let’s first take a look at the creatures and Structures.

Creatures: 12
3x Kinfolk Veteran
3x Sister of the Wolf
3x Kinfolk Brave /or Noaidi
3x Ragged Wolf /or Vaettr of the Wilds

Structures: 9
3x Stone Pact Memorial
3x Woodland Memorial
3x Waking Stones

Yes as you can see I’m a bit iffy about which creatures to play, the first ones mentioned are the ones that I’m playing. I feel like that can give more a aggressive style of play if you need to go on to the offensive. Vaettr and Noaidi are also great scrolls for the deck, so really, go with what you prefer here. Not much to talk about when it comes to the Structures. Your Waking Stones are very important to defend yourself against any aggressive decks and they will very often save you from aggression. Use them in your mid Idols to defend yourself where it matters.

Spells: 26
3x Fertile Soil
3x Quake
3x Summons
3x Eye of Eagle
3x Imperial Resources
3x Kabonk
3x Divine Mark
2x Decimation
2x Pushback
1x God Hand

Enchantment: 3
3x Heritage

So… as you can see we have a lot going on for us in the spells. First of all: there are a lot of them, and yes this build is missing out on some scrolls that you can normally see in this deck. The one that really stands out as missing is: Pother. It’s a scroll that cycles itself and can win you games by removing a blocking unit. And if you want to include Pother I would say lose 1 copy of Summons and Eye of Eagle. Two Pothers should be plenty for the deck.

Just as my last deck, this deck is also using the Sister of Wolf, Heritage, Fertile Soil combo. It’s a great way of gaining plenty of scrolls fast. Any deck using Order and Growth should really use this combo to pull away from your opponent. Since the deck is kinda slow we’re using Imperial Resources to recover from any damage taken to your Idols.

Divine Mark: I did not believe in this scroll to begin with, but by facing these decks with Diving Mark in them, I realize that they are very powerful. You can replay your Haste creatures, your creatures with heritage can return to your hand AND draw you two cards. Your opponents big creatures can’t easily get through. Relentless wont help them and a certain double shot cannon combo will not be able to get past Divine Mark.

There are plenty of small tricks to this deck, and it’s all really about pulling away from your opponent to get a late game where you just cycle through your spells and win. Enjoy this Scrolls control deck everyone!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

PS. Decimation wins you games.

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  1. Kilgore Trout

    I think this deck has a lot of potential, in fact I have been playing around with a similar idea. First off you want the Kinfol-Brave for sure. This is what I think this deck needs to do in a nutshell: Get Kinfolk-Braves out behind the waking stones with a Dryadic Power on them. Obviously there is a lot more to it than that. Personally I like Summons in this deck to make sure you get the Stones, Pother for draw and control. Flip to line up targets you need to kill, since Dryadic Power makes them not move. This can also be counter-acted with more Order spells like New Orders and Transposition will let you move the Dyrad Enchanted units and Waking Stones…Eye of the eagle seems right for the Kinfolk draw…Imperial resources of course…possibly call back so you can recycle Stones from a defeated lane to a new one…these are just quick ideas. all in all I like the idea. P.S. Naoidai are getting nerfed.

  2. Kilgore Trout

    Unless your going for that imbalanced/masturbation deck G/O Draw which the more I look at yer set up that’s what it seems…and that is nuffin’ new…

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