Scrolls deck – Utility Totems [3 color deck!]


Hello Nurglings!

I will in a near future post my ”Almost a Review” of the card game Scrolls. But the writing is a bit slow at the moment. So I thought I would give all you Scrolls fans something else in the meantime. The deck: Utility Totems.

Utility Totems deck title

If you’ve played a lot of Scrolls you may have met versions of this deck, the deck uses all the Memorials to gain a great deal of resources throughout the game. This is then mixed with plenty of card draw and removal to keep you safe while you build up for a end game.

This is my first time showing a Scrolls deck like this so I’m not sure how the deck list should be done, but I’m going to try it like this. Let’s first start with our Structures since they are a huge part in this deck.

Structures: 20
3x Desert Memorial
3x Woodland Memorial
3x Law Memorial
3x Tribal Memorial
3x Sand Pact Memorial
3x Stone Pact Memorial
2x Clock Library

So as you can see we’re playing plenty of the Memorials, actually, we’re playing all of them in this deck. When I first started playing the deck I was worried that the totems would get in the way during the game. Was it really good to have a starting hand filled with Memorials? And trust me when I say: The more Memorials you get and draw in to in the beginning of the game: the better. You want to rush resources as fast as possible so that you can play your more expensive spells and combos.

The two Clock Library scrolls can be very important in some games, even if they wont always draw you scrolls they can be very important when facing creatures with Relentless. Always try and put them where you need them to protect you OR in a corner where you can make sure that the Clock Library survives until the Countdown reaches 0.

Let’s move on to the very important spells of the deck.

Spells: 20
3x Burn
3x Spark
3x Fertile Soil
3x Violent Dispersal
3x Quake
3x Thunder Surge
2x End of Reason

I know that you’re looking at this list and you’re thinking: Well that’s a lot of cards that can kill stuff. Yes. Yes it is. And I’m very proud to have a certain scroll in my list that most decks like this wont use. End of Reason. This card has proven to be great in this list. Often when you play against people that are aware of Thunder Surge it can be hard to make it a effective spell with your opponents creatures and structures being spread out. And at other times they are to big to clear out with Thunder Surge or Quake. End of Reason can be a very effective swipe because of our huge amount of Memorials. Playing a Memorial wont really do that much for you in the end game in a normal Utility Totem list. They will block some damage and attacks but not much else. With End Of Reason, your Memorials are becoming killing machines even in the late game! And when you’re stacked up with scrolls and resources, creating 4 to 6 damage in two rows isn’t that hard.

Play with care tho! So you don’t end up sacrificing the wrong things. Like your very important Iron Ogres, talking about Ogres…

Moving on to Enchantments and Creatures!

Enchantments: 3
3x Heritage

Creatures: 7
3x Sister of the Wolf
2x Kinfolk Veteran
2x Iron Ogre

So as you can see we are not playing plenty of scrolls that directly win us the game, even our two Kinfolk Veterans works as removal for us a lot of the time. The reason we’re mixing Ogres with Veterans is the fact that the two attacks together become a whooping 10 damage, and that equals a dead Totem.

Sister of the Wolf is a card you should not overlook. With 6 Growth you can play a Sister of the Wolf followed by a Fertile Soil and that means 4 fresh new cards to your hand. And when most of your removal is in the Energy portion of the deck it also means that you can often use your removal directly after this combo or even play a Iron Ogre. And of course, if you have a Heritage to attach to your Sister of the Wolf that’s even more fresh scrolls to your hand.

Need some cards bro

This deck is incredibly strong when it gets a good opener, once the drawing machine starts it’s hard to take the deck down. The multitude of removal and sweepers makes any non Haste creatures very week. But beware that the deck can have issues with fast Order decks. If they get a good enough position early it’s not certain that you’re mass-removal scrolls will help you fast enough, as they wont kill all the Order creatures in one go most of the time. Just focus on your energy and try to control the early game as you build resources and you should be fine.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

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