MTG – Modern Masters Spoiler – OH EM GE!

Hello Nurglings!

It’s upon us, a new era of awesome artwork and reprints, a time for money being spent and hearts broken when opening the wrong mythic cards. A time for arguing about prices and expensive drafting. Yes…. Modern Master spoiler season… is here!

And O M G did they start of with something big? I mean we already go Goyf confirmed and that was like a huge deal already, so how could they match this? Well there is a certain 2/1 creature that likes to be in decks together with the Goyf, I hear they even sit down and take a few drinks at a Pub in Innistrad once in awhile. That’s correct, it is….! No wait let’s take a look at the artwork first.

Modern Masters - Artwork - Dark Confidant

Is that one awesome piece of art or what? I’m so freaking excited to tell you that this artwork is fitted on to a awesome card as well. Here it comes…















MTG - Modern Masters - Spoiler - Dark Confidant

Yup. Dark Confidant is Modern Masters. Plus Goyf. You can start ordering your boxes now. Just do it. Go GO GO GO!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig


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