Magic the Gathering – M14 – The “return” of Slivers!

Hello Nurglings!

Yes it’s “true” Slivers will come back in M14 in a sad sad shape and form. Personally I like the idea of having this kind of horde/legion kind of evil force in the Magic universe and the cards with the word Sliver on them have all been sweet in one way or another.

The newer form of Slivers sadly doesn’t get me there. I LOVE the new style on their artwork but it also feels like they alienate other Slivers by sticking out way to much. The effects the Slivers get in M14 are all pretty standard. Giving Haste, trample and +stat abilities. So nothing crazy from what we’ve seen so far.

Here below are a few of the new aliens.

M14 - Battle Sliver
M14 - Blur Sliver
M14 - Groundshaker Sliver
M14 - Sentinel Sliver
M14 - Steelform Sliver
M14 - Striking Sliver

I just want to tell you before you move on: NO. These are not related to the next block, they are just a fun thing that they’ve added in M14. So enjoy it!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig


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