Nurgleprobe’s Top 10 Dragon’s Maze cards! – [Top 5 Favorite Cards]

Top 5 favorite Dragon's Maze cards

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to part 2 of my top 10 Dragon’s Maze cards. We’re now moving on to my personal favorite cards of the set. Sadly there was only one John Avon piece in the whole set and that was on a land card. So, no Avon in top here and that…. that… makes me sad. 😦

Moving on.

So we’re doing some awesome and sweet and sexy cards right here, please remember that this list has nothing to do with usefulness or power. It’s all about MY personal taste, so let us see if we agree on some of the cards here.

Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 5 FAV - Skylasher
5. Skylasher
This card is the bananas. Have you read the amount of things this thing does for 2 mana? For 2 mana you get a 2/2 creature. That’s okay, it’s a bear, we can use that. Oh and it also blocks fliers cause it got reach. So it’s awesome at taking down pesky tokens and smaller creatures with fly. Oh and it also got Flash so we can do it as a combat trick which is also kind of sweet and even play it at the end of turn if we want to be aggressive with it. Counter it? No no, no worries it’s uncounterable so it won’t be handled that way. Oh you’re attacking with Delver, sweet, cause it’s dead… oh and I got protection from Blue so you know I’ll just keep insect here for awhile.

TWO F****** MANA for that…. yea just saying.






Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 4 FAV - Hidden Strings
4. Hidden Strings
This is pushed right? In one turn you can tap/untap 4 permenants for 2 mana. Just imagine playing this, tapping your opponents blockers, hitting your opponent and then untap the lands you used to play it. So that’s not insane in anyway BUT I can just see this card being used in so many broken ways. We just need to figure out which cards to use with it for maximum effect. I will give you a few names here and you can go check that out okay? Any kind of mana generating card should already be on this list of course. Skirsdag High Priest? Bloodline Keeper? Grimoire of the Dead? Gyre Sage? Izzet Staticaster? Krenko, Mob Boss? Underworld Connections?

Okay enough of that, let’s move on to our next card.






Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 3 FAV - Blood Scrivener
3. Blood Scrivener
This actually started of as number 1 on this list but after a lot of thinking and changing he ended up on a third post. This is one of those cards that could have been on the top 5 Best cards. But I’m just not sure about it yet. Sure it’s a 2/1 for two mana which is actually fine in itself. I’m just not sure if this card will be good enough. It’s awesome to draw the extra card of course, but what if you waste your resources just cause you … “know” that you will draw an extra card. AND BAM there comes the removal and you’re sad. Tho of course, if you have this and a draw card on your hand, that will actually let you draw a extra card since it’s not in your hand as it resolves. Just to let you know.








Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 2 FAV - Reap Intellect
2. Reap Intellect
So I love Memoricide. I love Hunger Games. I LOVE THIS CARD. Okay so you can’t name cards with this, but instead you clear out cardSSSsss from his hand, and all the other cardSSSss with the same name from anywhere! Just imagine a scenario where you get to cast this this and hit two vital key cards at the same time. Hunger Games is better in the way that you decide on which card should be removed and sometimes you get lucky and hit the card in your opponents hand. But with this you will 1) always hit cards in their hand and 2) stop them from ever drawing the card again if the needed it. I love hand killers. I LOVE them.









a 2 mana drop







lifelink & extort








vampire oh yea











Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 1 FAV - Tithe Drinker


Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon.

Nurgleprobe Sig


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  1. im not sure hidden strings works that way. i think you can only tap/untap two permanents.

    • You play it and tap/untap, and put it on a creature. Once you’ve done that, you attack and hit your opponent, enabling you to cast the card again. ^^ So then you can tap/untap 2 more things.


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