MTG – Standard – Infinite combo with new Gatecrash card!

Hello again Nurglings!

I love silly decks that can pull of wins!
And I will play shitty combos!
This time because I too want to go infinite!
With a new Gatecrash card!
And a old shitty card!

Okay, let’s move on… the new card that we’re using for this combo is the following.

MTG - Guildmage asks hello

I’m not sure if this combo been poppin up in the bigger MTG forums yet, if they have, I’m sorry for mentioning stuff you already know okay? If you don’t know, then I welcome you with open arms to read all about it! Okay… okay we need a game plan. Obviously the Orzhov guildmage is a beast in limited. Lifelink is one of those abilites that can keep you in a game, much longer then you should. And if you have enough mana or an actual lifelink creature out. You can even hurt him for the amount you gain! I love it!

Okay… okay so let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we?
What do we need to make this combo tick?
Well… cleary we need to vampires for this:















Exquisite Blood

Do you see it!? Come on… a combo like it has been in the game for some time already with enchantments. But now, is it a plausible strategy for the future standard format? Probably not. Will your opponent shit his pants when you pull it of? Of course!

Okay so the combo is simple, active the Guild mages second effect, gain some life or hurt your opponent and the two effects will trigger each other until your opponent reach zero, nada , 0 life! I’m not going to leave you hanging on this a deck will be up for you soon for you to comment and hate and love and so on. If you have any deck ideas of your own, please share!

Are you going the Esper control plan?
Or maybe playing green to ramp up to the required mana quickly?
Or are you milling yourself frites style?

Until next time Nurlings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig


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  1. Clinton Adam Butler

    Not infinite as the ability requires 3 mana per trigger

    • If the ability said: “The next time…” then yes. But this covers a complete turn.
      As long as she’s there of course O_O

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