Report by Renee – Escapist Expo Day 3 & 4

So the last two days of the expo where so much of a run around that I did not get to write promptly.  I’m so sorry!  Here is my recap though along with pictures!

Saturday got off to an interesting start.  My first match of the tournament never showed up so I wound up going over and playing Bob Maher instead.  I did not want to waste the time just sitting there on my hands, I wanted to get some practice in and get a good feel for my deck.  Plus he was playing things I had never seen before, which was way awesome.  I won the first round, which was a really nice boost to my confidence, but lost the second, which was fine with me because seeing the mechanics he had going was astounding!  We ran out of time before the next round of the tournament to even out the tie breaker, but it was till way awesome to play against someone of that caliber and have Jon Finkel watch.

As for the actual tournament I had another match where I won in regards to someone not showing up, a lot of people absolutely confused by the various numbers of werewolves I had and the fact that each one had an answer to something.  A few people who when I busted out the Thundermaw Hellkite were like, that isn’t a werewolf!  So?  He messes your day up like my werewolves do…he is just a Were-maw.  However, I did not win any of these matches.  I had this issue of either getting all lands or all creatures and mulliganing myself to five.

It was seriously as if my deck was not really shuffled enough until my last match up, which went nearly perfectly.  Playing against a Delver Deck was cake!  I out aggro’d him to a point of no return.  On top of that, Mondronen Shaman/Tovolar’s Magehunter caused major damage to those decks with the sheer amount of spells they throw down.  Pair that with an Immerwolf and make it unflippable and the result was very damaging.

In the end, I wound up in 39th place out of over 70 people, which for my first tournament did not seem to bad to me.  By the time the tournament was over, though, there was not time to do much else.  We went and hunted down food, which wound up being Bull City Burger.  In between a few matches though I was able to get out real quick and pick up a new play mat(which was need since the tables where damaging my sleeves).  There were only five of these made and Cynthia Sheppard was nice enough to sign it for me!


That evening we also took part in a cubed draft.  That was absolutely insane!  I played with cards that I had either not seen in forever or had never seen before which was just a really cool instance!  I tried to play a blue/red mill deck, but I just wasn’t able to really get the ramp up and going.  I guess that is the downside of cubed.

Did I mention that there were some 5,000 people there on Saturday?  Yeah, next year will be amazing and will need to be held in a bigger place.  Kinda happy that I was stuck in a tournament the whole time.

Sunday/Day 4 was a lot more low key.  We went and shopped a bunch.  I picked up a T-shirt that has a Stormtrooper walking an AT-AT. AT-ST, and AT-TE which is just fantastic!  I also got a set of tie-die dice, a new deck box, Yoda card sleeves, and a Vulpix hat.  I also won a new tabletop game and some new gaming headphones from Plantronics that are bound to be more comfortable then my current ones.

I also got a picture of this guy:


This is David O’Brien, who I have now referred to at the Magic the Gathering Knight.  He has this awesome costume with dice, and chain mail dragons from cards.  He has a white play mat that he then takes with him to cons and such to try and get the artists of Magic to draw him on and sign.  It is a way awesome idea.    It was really neat to see someone so dedicated to the game as well.

I got to watch the start of the finals for the League of Legends tournament, but by the time they would have really gotten started, I needed to be in my D&D Next session.  This was beyond fun!  I got to play as a Hafling Rogue Cook…and I decided to throw salt on a frog that was attacking me.  Take that Frog!

Did I mention that our DM was THE James Wyatt…you know, guys who does a lot of Forgotten Realms stuff, Lead Designer for Next, has worked at Wizards for a long time, etc.  Anyway, his DMing was amazing!  It was incredibly fluid for only having 2 hours and 9 people of varying skill.  He was able to instruct those of us who had little experience with D&D and react quite quickly to those of us who were able read the character sheet and really get all the steps down instantly.  We did not get very far in the campaign, but we had lots of laughs and killed some good creatures.

By the way, I’m enjoying Next a lot more then 4.

The American Classic Arcade Museum was really awesome.  I got to play some games where I don’t even know how people tolerated them back then.  Food Fight…really? OMG I wanted to kick the thing.  However, my love of Dig-Dug lived on and I simply could not resist the bicycle pump.  Trevor had his own obsessions to deal with throughout the day.

Also, won a pair of GameCom 380s from their booth quite accidently!  I took their survey figuring who doesn’t need more girl gamer input and wound up walking away with a pair of super comfy gaming headphones…SWEET DEAL!  Probably going to give them a good run through tonight, and Trev would like their bluetooth ones, so we will certainly see.

But Sunday went by way to fast.  I wish there had been more time, but I’m not sure what we would have done with it.  I think it would have been great it there could have been more events going later into the evening, but with a con only going from 10 am to 6 pm, I feel that I certainly learned a lot, made a lot of great new friends, listened to some good music(go check out D&D Sluggers ;) ), and of course played some awesome games.

Plus, with some free time, a little relaxation happened:

So until next year, keep your decks updated, the character sheets fresh, and remember, GAMING IS LIFE!


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