Report by Renee – Escapist Expo Day 2

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We sat on a bunch of panels and learned some new stuff, got to hang out with some really cool people and I played a really shitty deck and FNM.

Trevor got a lot of information regarding how to get into freelance writing for games and start working on that process while I have some new stuff I want try game wise. We also met a lot of creators, lead writers, and editors which was just awesome. The process they go through is really neat depending on how they are approaching and what kind of IP they are working on.

We are going to go nab some breakfast before starting the Tournament today so it should be really busy again today. I am going to play the werewolf deck since I got all my Daybreak Rangers I was hoping for. I’ve got photos on G+ and Facebook is coming so keep up there! In the meantime, something that won’t appear there!

Trevor and another member of the Sealed Draft trading before hand.

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