MTG – Modern Deck – JUNK (With RTR cards!)

Hello Nurglings!

Time to take a look at a splendid new deck for Modern with new cards from Return to Ravnica! One of my all time favorite cards have always been Knight of Reliquary. I’ve had four of them in my binder forever and I’ve been looking for a deck to play them in.

I was thinking about doing Maverick for Modern, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to mix in my other favorite color: black. Creating a Doran like deck but without Doran, or as the color combination is also know: Junk.

The deck started out with the name Loam Junk, mainly because I wanted to use the very hyped card: Lotleth Troll, him together with Life from the Loam and Dryad arbor became a funny combo! But… the more I tried it, the more I went into Goldfish mode, I realized that the deck lost so many good cards when filling them with cards to utilize Lotleth Troll and Loam. Maybe Agro Loam can use this combo better than Junk can.

So moving on! Let’s instead look at two other new creatures from Return to Ravnica, plus a certain removal spell that I can’t wait to tryout!

Here are the creatures!



4 Knight of the Reliquary
4 Qasali Pridemage
4 Kitchen Finks
4 Deathrite Shaman
2 Qasali Ambusher
2 Loxodon Smiter

(Observe that I don’t play Dark Confidant or Tarmogoyf)
So first let’s talk about Loxodon Smiter, the big reason behind me trying this guy out, is because I want to see how well he will do against heavy blue decks that focus more on counter spells than removal. He comes down early, can’t be countered and he won’t die to a Lightning Bolt. We’ll just have to wait and see if that matters enough.

Deathrite Elf is another new edition to the deck, a utility card that can use your opponents graveyard for good things, and even turn Tarmogoyf, Snapcaster and Knight of the Reliquary to much worse cards. If he eats a removal card it’s fine, cause you only invested one mana in to this guy, and if he survives a turn, he will even get the chance to do his effect. Even if it’s just once, two extra damage, or two extra life, or one less card in your opponents graveyard may just matter towards the end of a game.

Now the spells!



4 Inquisition of Kozilek
4 Path to Exile
4 Abrupt Decay
2 Liliana of the Veil
1 Maelstorm Pulse
1 Thoughtseize

Some classic removal, nothing to surprising here. The new edition of course is the card: Abrupt Decay. To be quite honest, I think this is the card that will have most impact over all the formats, it can’t be countered and kills A LOT of good cards anywhere. The fact that it’s a smother for any kind of non-land permanent is a big deal.

The lands!



4 Verdant Catacombs
4 Marsh Flats
2 Misty Rainforest
2 Treetop Village
2 Overgrown Tomb
2 Temple Garden
2 Stirring Wildwoods
2 Forest
1 Godless Shrine
1 Island
1 Swamp
1 Murmuring Bosk

And last but not least…
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Why do you have an island?

  2. Random Visitor

    So instead of an island, it should be what? 🙂

    • Well it’s kinda fun that there’s an Island there so I won’t remove it from my list, but it’s supposed to be a plains. 🙂

      – Nurgleprobe

  3. Doh. Of course 🙂

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