Let’s Talk about – Return To Ravnica – The Golgari so far

Hello Nurglings!

I’m so excited!
And I just can’t hide it!
I’m about to lose control and… I think you know what I mean.

Okay so, you may not know this if you’ve missed the articles in the past that have mentioned it, but my favorite colors in magic are: Green and Black. The Golgari covers those two colors and I must say, I love what I’ve seen so far! Actually, all color combinations in Return to Ravnica have cards that I’m very excited about.

But the Golgari… they get everything!

We haven’t seen all their cards so far, but a card that got me very very very excited is the one below, Grisley Salvage. You look at the effect and it reminds us a bunch of cards like Mulch or Tracker’s Instinct, but the one BIG difference between this and those older cards is the fact that this one is an instant.

This card can fit well in to new Frite decks or any deck where the graveyard truly matters. You get yourself a great value card here. Fill the graveyard with cards with flashback like Unburial Rites and creatures that makes other cards stronger in your Green/Black deck!

Believe it or not but Lotleth troll is a force! Even I feel it’s hard to valuate this card right now, the fact that is has a Regenerate cost of 1 black mana, and a skill that can buff it at anytime as long as you have creatures in your hand, and the above that it has trample… well, there are a lot of things that speaks for this guy to be good.

Not control in the sense that the blue decks have, but in the way that Mono Black Control usually do it, plenty of removal. The Golgari have two cards right now that can kill of any nonland permanent (well there is a restriction for one of them, but I don’t believe that it’s a big issue). Just check these two cards out.

It seems Wizards just love to push the whole “Can’t be Countered” wording on cards. It all started with a very controversial land card called Cavern of Souls, and wizards have now moved on to put that on more of our spells in Return To Ravnica. Abrupt Decay is one of these cards, and I love it! Abrupt Decay is a force, just think about Modern for a second. Do you know how many of the nonland permanents it kills in the most popular decks? That’s right…almost ALL OF THEM. The ones that it misses: Bloodbraid Elf, Geist of Saint Traft and Restoration Angel.

Okay, let’s move on to Vraska, not only does it handle any nondland permanent, but it also wins games in one insane way, those Assassin creatures just sounds amazingly scary, one hit from them and you’re dead! And you get three of them! And just think about that for EDH! … Okay calm down.

I’ve already talked about Vraska, and she is indeed one of your late game win plans if you manage to keep control of the board, but we also have a creature that may actually matter more than we think, and that’s the leader of the Golgari himself: Jarad.

He may not seem like much the first few times you read up on him, but the fact is, he can be a big creature for that cheap cost of four mana and you can get him back in to your hand at any time as long as you you have forest and swamp. And the drain ability, well… that alone can win games. Just mix this card with the new Troll and you have a sweet mix.

So this is just a quick look at what the Golgari is getting in Return To Ravnica, and I’m really excited to start playing Black/Green for real. Hope you will enjoy it as well!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. I am super excited for a new Planeswalker!

  2. I can’t believe how powerful Golgari is shaping up to be either. I was thinking of doing Selesnya during the pre-release due to Populate and running over my opponent with creatures and tokens, but I’m really starting to lean towards Golgari at the moment. Have you decided which guild you’ll be joining, or is it obvious that it’s Golgari?

    • I’ve not yet decided, cause I want to see more cards before I do so. But Golgari is the pick right now with the cards spoiled so far. 🙂


  3. I haven’t analysed the set as a whole yet (there are already a lot of spoilers out there), but from what Wizards has released, it seems that Golgari’s getting a lot of love.
    I’m not just talking about standard, because in that, the guilds seem rather equal.
    But I’m talking about casual magic players. Golgari’s getting a lot of things, starting with the Duels deck (Izzet vs Golgari), the intro-packs of course (like every other guild) and then even the Event Deck! Not to mention that they’re the only color to get a planeswalker.

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