Let’s Talk About Return to Ravnica – Spoiler – Judge’s Familiar

Hello Nurglings!

The spoiler season for Return to Ravnica has officially started! So many sweet cards have already been shown to us, including a reprint of the long awaited Shocklands! Great news for anyone that wanted a few sets for Modern. Also with sweet new art of course!

But, right now I’m going to talk about a card that may have slipped you by, it’s tiny, it’s uncommon, it doesn’t do much… or… does it? It’s hard to say when the format will have a huge shift soon, but I think this card may end up seeing some play… Oh, the card?

I’ve always loved me some Owls in my Magic the Gathering, and this one sure make me wish that there were more of them currently in standard, just imagine the Owl theme deck! So this new little guy has a ability that some of you may remember. Yea you’ve probably read the effect somewhere before on another well used card. The difference of course, is the fact that the previous one had good fit with a Tribal deck…

Yup, our little friend Cursecatcher is one important early drop for a Merfolk deck, it gives you some control over the first few turns, and a chance to cast spells without worry. Seeing as the very popular Delver decks plays a lot of cheap spells, this card may actually matter in the early game.

Oh and by the way, did you look at that mana cost? It’s hybrid mana. Did I mention that this is one of the most effective WHITE COUNTER SPELL in a long time? Yes, you can be completely mono white and still have this Owl in the mix, does that matter… I think it just might.

The fact still stands that U/W is a very popular color mix with Geist of Saint Traft leading the way to many (if I may say so myself) boring victories. This card may not fit in there seeing as it takes up important spell slots to make your Delver flip.

By the way, not only is it a good early control drop, but it may also be a good aggressive card in newer decks. Do you remember this little enchantment from Avacyn Restored?

Yea that’s right… let the brewing begin!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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