Looking for writers! Let’s start a community/network!

Hello Nurglings!

A long time ago, I asked if there was anyone out there that would like to write for this blog. At the time I didn’t get that many readers and the ones that did come on here often probably weren’t bloggers themselves. But now the number of readers has been going up steadily (yay!). So I thought I would give this another chance. This time with a little more proper request.

What am I looking for?
– Anyone is welcome to leave a message here and tell me you’re interested! It doesn’t matter what gender, how old, or where you’re from. Just enjoy writing!

– You love games and gaming

– You love writing about games and gaming!

– If you already have a blog where you write regularly that is great!

– I’d love to see people that interested in any of the following; Card Gaming in general, YuGiOh, Miniature Gaming, nerdy things, “life of a gamer” issues/thoughts and ideas.

Something that’s important for you to know is that I’m not looking to steal time from your blog writing, if you have something that you’re posting on your blog that is interesting for gaming nerds I will simply share it on my blog as well. Sure I’d love to see you write something specific that would fit on here but it’s not a requirement.

What do I as a guest writer get out of this?
– Info/PR for you and your own blog! I will make a page specially for anyone that wants to share their writing on here. There you can write a small presentation on you with a link to your own blog! (Presentation is of course optional).

– Be a part of a bigger community. If this goes well, and we get a few bloggers together, there is no end to what this could become. Next step may be a website, YouTube and Twitter account under a collaboration name.

– This is a thing that’s supposed to be FUN! Always remember that.

What is this project?
– The whole idea with this project is to create a small community with writers/gamers and hobbyist that LOVE to share their thoughts on different subjects in gaming.

– This blog will be a spring board to share our articles and thoughts to work our way up in the blogging world.

– Together we can do great things!

– Most importantly, this project is supposed to be FUN. Not a goldmine, not a publicity stunt for anyone, but a fun project with an evolving community and goal.

So what are you waiting for? Already have something that you feel would be worth sharing? Leave me a message!
And if you have any questions? Leave me a message!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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  1. Hi, I’ve just started following your blog not to long ago and I am interested in helping you on this project. I would like to get to know you better and talk about this project some more. I’d really appreciate it if you could send me an email. My email is ja.ne.hw.1986@gmail.com.
    Looking forward to working with you.

  2. Hey! send me an e-mail! There always need to be a girl voice! Also forwarded this to my soon to be husband since he currently writes reviews for android games and would like to do more 😀 reithena@gmail.com

  3. I wouldn’t mind helping out too. I believe you already have my gmail address if you want to get in touch with me.

  4. ^That’s me mentioned above. I also run a column about Magic: The Gathering
    darkr3x@gmail.com is my email

  5. Hey there, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I’d love to help out in the form of a themed column if your looking for that kind of thing. I’m an avid magic player and former 40k player and I enjoy writing about what I love, though I’ve never actually submitted anything online before. If your interested send me an e-mail at jayson583@hotmail.com

  6. Count me in! Please contact me: bibbycakes421@yahoo.com

  7. michael marsala

    I’m interested in this project as well. Here is my contact info. Hope to hear from ya. mdmarsala@gmail.com

  8. Hello!
    I’d actually like to join this project, but I want to know what more there is to it.
    Or more like, what I have to do.
    Do you accept different art-types, that’s related to games, or is it just the pure discussion and directly linked topics about gaming you’re looking for?
    I would love to get an answer on these questions!

    • Hi there!

      Sorry for the lack activit and … well this answer isn’t that late now is it!
      Anyway, I really accept any game related contenct, doesn’t matter if it’s written, art, sound and so on.
      So if you would like to spread your work here, just let me know. 🙂


      • That sounds marvelous!
        I would love to be able to put my work here!
        I’ve just been wondering about if I’d fit here, since I haven’t known for sure if the blog accepts art, but now I want in.^^
        I make mostly paintings, sculptures, and stories.

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