MTG – Return to Ravnica – Game Day “Spoilers”

Hello Nurglings!

I say “spoilers” cause sadly, the images are so hard to read that it’s hard to actually call it spoilers (until we get a better picture). But it looks like we will get a Selesnya card and a Rakdos card.The Selesnya card seems to have converted mana cost of 1 and it’s hybrid mana (a mana that lets you choose between two colors when you pay for it).

On the Rakdos card, someone pointed out that it looks like it only got one “Type”. Aka not a creature. Creatures always have the word Creature followed by what kind of creature it is, this one does not. Why is that so special? Well it got a box for power and toughness. Maybe we’re getting more enchantment creatures in Return to Ravnica? Who knows.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Next, Wizards should make return to Kamigawa and have a ninja clans war with giant animal spirits. I say this because I think Wizards of the Coast should cash in on the Naruto anime theme while it is still hot. The Kamigawa block was very disappointing, since there were so few ninjas. I wanted to see nijas in every colors and have ninjja artifact creatures like kung fu ninjas from Ice Pirates movie.

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