MTG – One of the most popular cards in a long time?

Hello Nurglings!

So I went out to play some standard yesterday and joined a tournament with about ten players or so (there’s a huge party/event throughout Gothenburg this week so a lot of people skip out on MTG tournaments during that). I decided to play with one card that I truly want to be good: Trading Post. When I saw it the first time, I just smiled. It can do so many things and with the interactions of the past Scars of Mirrodin block it’s a perfect place for it.

I ended up playing black/white in the deck to maximize removal and my sideboard options. After the tournament I realized that mono black would have been better option tho, so no more white. Anyway. During the tournament I started to look around at what the other players were bringing to field, and well. About half of the players there had decks that included multiple copies of Trading Post!

Since the release of M13, there are few cards that have gotten as much attention as Trading Post. There are a few like Thragtusk, Thundermaw and as always the new Planeswalkers that get some discussions going, but the fun thing about trading post compared to those cards is the fact that Trading post has been in several different decks already.
Blue control decks, black control decks (Black Market), Mind Slaver lock decks (Mono Brown Post), and even in Legacy the card has been tried out and the builds are different everywhere! Every player no matter if it’s a Timmy, Johnny or Spike wants to use this card for different reasons.

Timmy wants to reuse his big artifacts like Wurmcoil Engine. Johnny wants to combo with Mind Slaver. Spike wants to brake the format with different artifacts that are effective in his tournament environment.

Wizards of the Coast, I salute you and whoever it was on R&D that originally came up with the idea for this card. The one thing I hope now, is that we won’t be completely cut off from good artifacts when the rotation comes in October.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Love Trading Post in my life gain deck (gives me card draw with Ichor Wellspring, lets me bring back my Wurmcoil Engine or Batterskull with a goat, the list goes on and on!) It’s also a great way to sacrifice something before it gets removed from the game! The best cards to use it with are right now. I looked at all of the cards we’re going to be left with post rotation and it’s mostly junk. There will probably be good artifacts in Return to Ravnica, but it won’t have near the usefulness that it has now. Still good for gaining life and putting in tokens, but bringing artifacts back won’t be nearly as fun I think 😦

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