MTG – Standard Deck – Token Artist

Hello Nurglings!

I’m not going to do a long explanation of the deck and all the card choices for this deck. Well, not today anyway.
I’m currently way to tired to sit down and write out my thoughts without making it all…. fuzzy. So without further ado,
I present to you a deck that I will be playing the current Standard format. Hardly and changes need to be made when rotation comes,
and that makes this deck a keeper for me.

Creatures: 8
4x Avacyn’s Pilgrim
4x Geist-Honored Monk
3x Blood Artist

Ohter spells: 26
4x Lingering Souls
4x Midnight Haunting
4x Intangible Virtue
4x Parallel Lives
3x Rampant Growth
2x Increasing Devotion
2x Divine Reckoning
2x Timeley Reinforcment

Lands: 24
4x Evolving Wilds
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Plains
4x Forest
4x Swamps
2x Gavony Township
2x Vault of the Archangel

So hope you enjoyed it.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. I was thinking of a Blood Artist deck too. In the sideboard I’d have some Rachet Bombs as an alternate win condition, thought Divine Reckoning would work as well in your deck. If you get enough Tokens in play, just blow them all up and watch your opponents life go negative! Love the idea! Might make one myself but keep it mostly WB.

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