This is what EDH with 3 Knowledge Pools look like…

Hello Nurglings!

Just had a picture to share. So I decided to play EDH yesterday for the first time in… forever. I thought it would be fun to go there with my Sharuum deck (not playing a competitive version). At my local hobby store they have an EDH tournament every Tuesday. This is supposed to be a somewhat casual event (never really is it feels like). Of course in my first game, after just five or six turns, one single player all of a sudden controls three Knowledge Pools. You know what that means?

Well as soon as you play spell, the player that control the pools of horror gets to pick in which order the pools resolve. Meaning: he will put every “bad” spell in one pool, while using the other two good pools for himself. We had one turn each around the table, but with little resources we could just pass the turn.

The Knowledge pool player then took infinite turns and everything was over.

So for future tournaments, I think I will be building a more competitive deck… Sadly… I guess I will put my elf deck together at the side of it so that I have two options in the future.
Well that was that, don’t ever let a Knowledge Pool… or well.. SEVERAL resolve.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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