MTG – Friday the 13th BURN deck!

Hello Nurglings!

In the honor of the day: Friday the 13th… Calm down! Calm down nobody has died yet! But I sure hope your opponent will… he…he…he. So as I said, in the honor of the day I wanted to create a 13th deck. Flavorful and fun, so the deck obviously need as much of the number 13 as possible, right?

So how can we build a battleplan around that? Easy!

So the…

…Creatures: 16
4x Stuffy Doll
4x Krenko, Mob Boss
4x Goblin Arsonist
4x Mogg Flunkies

The spells: 20
4x Blasphemous Act
4x Into the Maw of Hell
4x Krenko’s Command
4x Brimstone Volley
4x Dual Casting

Lands: 24
24x Mountains

Battleplan: Be agressive with them goblins and burn that Stuffy Doll! This deck is just here to be fun and I hope you can understand that. I will be doing a more serious list soon enough with some of the cards in this list here, but that’s for the future to see.

So I hope you have a good Friday the 13th!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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