MTG Standard Deck – Enchantress! (Pre rotation – Post M13)

Hello Nurglings!

So… When I end up creating decks out of nothing (well out of something but it never really make sense!), I feel like I should share it with you guys (and maybe a few girls?). So there are a few sweet enchantments reprinted in M13, the most notable is of course is Rancor. I’ve seen many sad faces talking about this card, whilst I’m so excited to see it in sweet formats like Standard and Modern.

So what can you do with sweet enchantments? Well maybe…

Hell yea! The creatures!

Creatures: 16
4x Mesa Enchantress
4x Fiend Hunter
4x Birds of Paradise
2x Emancipation Angel
2x Sigarda, Host of Herons

Yea don’t you love this deck already? I really wanted to play Auramancer in this deck, enabling me to return enchantments from the grave when I need them (specifically Oblivion Ring), but because of a enchantment that we will play we don’t really want her in here.

And here are the rest of the spells…erm I guess enchantments only!

Enchantments: 18
4x Oblivion Ring
4x Abundant Growth
4x Ground Seal
4x Rancor
2x Pacifism

Yup, I know you love it. Abundant Growth and Ground Seal let’s you draw two cards with Enchantress out and let’s you quickly go through your deck, if that is enough to enable this deck to do something, I’m not sure. But it’s fun!

Oh and lands: (Make it work by testing).

Lands: 24
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Evolving wilds
8x Forest
8x Plains

So this was just a short deck post that I wanted to share with you guys, so…
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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