Nurgle’s Top 5 – Reprinted cards from M13!

Hello Nurglings!

Time for my top 5 reprinted cards in Magic 2013!

You know, when I first sat down with this, I quickly realized that this list could be 5 black cards. EASY! I love my black cards and there are so many sweet reprints that I cry my heart out over this set, I love it! But… for the purpose of being less bias and actually looking at the cards I’m excited about for the next format well… it’s a bit different.

On the fifth spot…

5. Elvish Visionary
Yes… Elvish Visionary is on the list. I think it’s the overall design that makes me love it. The artwork, the simple design, and the fact that it’s a cheap elf that lets you draw a card on a “Enter the battlefield” trigger. Simple, yet awesome.

4. Serra Avenger
I’m not so excited about this card just because “OMG White Weenie will be so good!!!”, it’s because I love the cards art, and I’ve always wanted a set of these just to have them. Maybe now I get the chance to simply draw a few, sweet! And hell maybe they will be good in the format to come? People will surely try to put it in some decks.

3. Rancor
This is a card that I’m very excited about! Mostly because I can put it in my Modern decks now, and… hell we can play this baby in Standard! Yay! Rancor is a card that I’ve been waiting for to play, and finally I get the chance. Thank you!

2. Vampre Nighthawk
I love vampires. The very first competitive (semi) deck that I built was vampires and I actually did okay with it back when I started with Magic. Nighthawk was of course one of the main reasons I wanted to play vampires (him and Bloodkeeper of Malakir <3). So I’m very excited about him being back and letting me play him for another year. Awesome! You were missed Mr. Nighthawk.

1. Vampire Nocturnus
Surprised? I didn’t think so. THE AWESOME VAMPIRE LORD IS BACK!!! I will overplay vampires in the next format even if it isn’t the best deck, I will ruin it for myself by playing a deck that probably will never manage to do well (or maybe it will). I really hope that the Vampire deck will be okay (mono black style) vampire players… rejoice!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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