Nurgle’s Warmachine Pirates – Painted and ready for a few more games!

Hello Nurglings!

I’m a person that needs to try out any card game out there, and almost any miniature game out there. If I haven’t, I sure wish that I had the time and/or money to try it and play it. A goal would be to have a functional deck in every card game at any time and a small force for any miniature game at any time.

(Btw. I’m also working on my Tau again for Warhammer 40k! )

Sooo I just finished painting my miniatures for a game called Warmachine, of course I had to play the coolest army around… Pirates! 😀

Until next time Nurglings, I will hopefully have finished my Malifaux crew and finished the rest of my Tau units.
Cya soon!


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