My favorite new Planechase cards, so far!

Hello Nurglings!

Now when I’m finally back, I can start looking at all these awesome new cards coming out in the new Planechase sets. I really wish that these cards would be legal in Modern(!), but I’m guessing they get the same limitation as the Commander set cards (only legal in Legacy and Vintage).

So let’s look at a few of the cards that I love.

Why do I love this card so much? Well, firstly you should all know that I used to play Sharuum in EDH/Commander. I really loved the whole idea of building a deck with plenty of fun Artifacts. Because of a few of the new cards, I may actually look into an Artifact deck again. I would surely add this card to that deck, not that it’s the best card in the world, but it draws you a card and is a flying deathtouch creatures. Not bad at all.

Also, come on, look at that piece of artwork, it is amazing!

“This card is so good in EDH!” Oh wait, no it’s not really that good in EDH, because you don’t have a lot of good targets. Then again, if you use this card, you will be building a deck to make sure you hit the best possible cards at all times. This is one of the cards that I really wish could see Modern play, I would love to play around with this. This card, Ethersworn Cannonist and other more control like artifacts would make a sweet deck! And once again, look at the artwork, it’s sweet.

Wow. This card just grabs your head and screams at you: build a deck around me in EDH! Even if you don’t build the deck to maximize her effects, it’s pretty damn good in the EDH format. Not only does it affect every opponent on the board, the creatures don’t need to the leave the battlefield in a specific way! As long as they disappear from the battlefield they will trigger Vela’s ability. Make me some tokens and blow em up and kill everyone. Once again, look at that artwork, they have truly outdone themselves with the looks on the Planechase exclusive cards.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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