MTG Standard Deck – Miracles

Hello Nurglings!

I was so excited! During the weekend Pro Tour Avacyn Restored took place in Barcelona and the format was Innitrad Block Constructed. Personally I thought that Red/White would be doing great at this event, Green/White being a close contender. There were plenty of sweet decks played at the event, and with not a lot of information to go with beforehand the tournament and its format was widely open to anyone to break.

The man below, Alexander Hayne was the one to break it. After three days of Magic the Gathering, facing Gaudenis Vidugiris in the finals, Alexander won! With a deck that I was rooting for since the moment I saw his deck check.

Alexander Deck Check:

So why was I hoping for this deck to win? Well, just a week or so earlier I had been working on a deck named Miracle (this one for Standard though and not for Block Constructed). Just as I had finished the skeleton of the deck, I backed away from the idea, not sure it would work at all. The fact that the cards aren’t exactly the cheapest ones also made me back away from it.

After seeing this Pro Tour Coverage, my heart filled up with new hope that a U/W Miracle deck may actually work in Standard as well. I will share with you my list of 60 cards and I hope you enjoy it.

(The Deck below is not Alexander Haynes deck, check the video above for that.)

Deck Name: Miracles
Creatures: 4
4x Delver of Secrets

Planeswalkers: 6
4x Tamyio, the Moon Sage
2x Gideon Jura

Other Spells: 24
4x Terminus
4x Temporal Mastery
4x Entreat the Angels
4x Devastation Tide
4x Think Twice
4x Ponder

Lands: 26
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Seachrome Coast
4x Evolving Wild
8x Island
6x Plains

So until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. I went up against a WRU Miracle deck on Sunday. It’s fun to play against but it’s main way of dealing damage was Bonfire of the Damned, Entreat of Angels, and a Consecrated Sphinx. There were Tides, Temporal Masteries, and 4 Terminus in there as well, and Ponder was their main set up card. I lost the first game, won the 2nd (Surgically Extracted the Ponders and Entreat of Angels), but lost the third game due to his well timed Noxious Revivals. The guy EASILY dropped about 50,000 yen on this deck (about $630 USD). Makes me wonder if I should run a full play set of Surgical Extraction now . . .

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