MTG Standard Deck – Frites with a twist!

Hello Nurglings!

Time to share a new deck idea of mine, all based on the old idea of Frites. Though with a somewhat different idea than the old one, it used to be that you wanted to revive big threats and take over the game that way, this deck, is about getting overwhelming numbers (in Frites? Yes in Frites).

So what should this creation be called…

Okay so let us start with the spells, because they aren’t very exciting to look at. The whole idea is actually that the creature set-up is very different from the usual Frites set-up. Even that setup can change around a lot depending on the format where you are or how you prefer to win.

4x Mulch
4x Faithless Looting
4x Unburial Rites
4x Rampant Growth
3x Tracker’s Instincts
2x Lingering Souls

Not very exciting as I just told you. The other two copies of Lingering Souls are kept in the sideboard for the matchups where you may end up needing it.

Now when we are done with the boring part, let us move on to the part that’s plenty of fun! In the past, Frites deck have used cards like:
Wurmcoil Engine
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Flayer of The Hatebound (my personal favorite, so many tricks can be done with this card)
Inferno Titan

And even less popular cards like:
Massacre Wurm
Sheoldred, Whispering One
Titans in general
…Big dudes in general!

Now… what’s so different with our version of this deck? Well, we are focusing on the creature type: Human! And say… Mr. Zombie Apocalypse. What is that in the distance?

Creatures: 11
4x Avacyn’s Pilgrim
4x Zealous Conscripts
3x Angel Of Glory’s Rise

The above are the three main creatures of the deck, you can probably see all the fun there already, bringing back that angel with just two copies of Zealous in the Graveyard can do for some interesting interactions and combats. Taking over your opponents huge creature to hit for the game, or just giving your angel haste to hit him instantly for five damage in the air.

But obviously there need to be more cards… right? Well yes, we are missing four cards to have a complete deck. And those four cards can be so many different things. It’s up to you to fill the spot for the last four humans.

…of course I have a few ideas of my own.

This may not sound that impressive, but the math sure ads up. Just imagine a scenario when you revive your angel with: 2 copies of Kessig Malcontents, 2 copies of Zealous Conscripts and a single Avacyn’s Pilgrim.
You get two burn triggers, both doing five damage each, you have two hasted 3/3 doing another six, and you’re not counting any possible creatures you may end up controlling from your opponents side. And those two “mind controlled” creatures, only need to deal another 4 damage won win you the game, or you could just give your Angel haste if needed. Yes you can target your own permanents with Zealous Conscripts to untap them and give them haste.

Well do I need to say why this can be awesome? It gets big, and creates a situation where your opponent is unable to block your creatures! Just make sure that you don’t get owned by any instant removal or bounce.

Okay, two copies of Silverblade Paladin together with two copies of Zealous Conscripts in the graveyard when reviving the angel… is awesome! You can do plenty of tricks, giving different cards Haste and Double Strike. The angel on its own can hit for 8 damage that very turn. Or, if your opponent has no blockers, give your Paladins haste, and pair them with your conscripts, that attack will deal 20 damage.

Or add… well any good human!

Hope you enjoyed the deck Nurglings.
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

PS. The manabase depends on how you build your deck, but I advice you to focus plenty on the green mana, since you need to use important cards like Mulch, Tracker’s Instinct, and Avacyn’s Pilgrim early in the game.


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  1. Always wanted to try a Frites deck and this seems like a lot more fun than the one that’s out there now (maybe because I’ve been beaten by it too much). I don’t have all of the cards, but it should still be fun to play.

    • Nurgleprobe

      The deck is pleeenty of fun! 🙂 Sadly I dont think that Frites will do anything good until rotation, if you play againts anyone with a proper sideboard. After game one, it becomes really hard to keep up.


      • I only have about 70% of the cards, but its good to have it so I can play test against it at least. Do you mean it’s hard for Frites to keep up, or for other decks to keep up with Frites?

      • Nurgleprobe

        It’s hard for Frites. ^^ Surgical and Spellbomb (even Memoricide at times) messes with your plans. ALOT.


  2. I went up against a Human Frites deck last week. It wasn’t pretty. He had Avacyn’s Pilgrim out, two Fiend Hunters, and had one of the Fiend Hunters exile Angel of Glory’s Rise. He then brought out a Falkenrath Aristocrat and infinitely sacrificed his humans before swinging for infinity against me. Ouch.

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