Rumored Helvault content: Karmic Guide – Demonic Tutor

Hello Nurglings!

I know that there has been some rumors out there about what’s actually in the Helvault. So far only images and videos have been posted showing the earlier known content (die, tokens and oversized cards). But some say that they were actually given cards like Karmic Guide and Demonic Tutor, these were the only two cards rumored so far. I doubt this information when have no images or videos of this, but it could also be that one or two of the Helvaults in the world contained this special deal.

I will update once I found out if this is actually true. If it is, I will go to my second pre-release tomorrow.
So what did you get at your pre-release?

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Hi,

    Well today in Spain, we got 20 faces dices (I got 2), oresized cards (legendary ones – I got Griselbrand and an Angel don’t remember the name) and two faces tokens on one face angel on the other a demon.

    Well, nothing more inside the vault.

    Anyway I’ll go tomorrow to the second prerelease So I’ll l et you know


  2. After 2 pre-releases in Japan, I got 2 20-sided die, two Commander cards, and 5 Angel/Demon tokens.

  3. Im rather disappointed in the Helvault. I feel like they talked it up so much (at least at my comic store) and there was nothing I could actually use in it.

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