Avacyn Restored – Nurgle’s top 10 cards! (Part. 2)

Hello Nurglings!

Time for the next 4 cards in Nurgle’s Avacyn Restored top 10 cards! I will give you all a chance to guess what card I decided to be number 1 before I post it.

5. Thunderous Wrath
Just imagine how scary this card is. You’re sitting on low life, let’s say around 7 or so, and this card is in your opponents deck. Five damage is a lot, it may not sound like much but just think about it. Five damage is ¼ of your life total, that’s a big deal for a single mana card. Indeed it’s nasty to have in your starting hand, but if the deck is built to use this card, I bet it won’t be a problem. Maybe I’m completely wrong about this card and it won’t see any play. Or I’m right, and it will be an important card in the standard environment to come.

4. Griselbrand
Did I hear “hello Unburial Rites”? Returning this card to the field is insane. Loosing 7 life can be nasty against certain matchups, but sitting with seven new cards in your hand is insane! Just imagine how much you control the match from that point on. If you’re playing a deck like Frites, you may even have Flayer of the Hatebound in play. Something that is very important to remember about Flayers’ trigger, is the fact that the creature you return to the field, is the creature dealing the damage. Why is this important? Well it means that on the Flayer trigger, Griselbrand will get you 7 more life because of Lifelink! I wouldn’t mind paying 7 life for the effect after that! Or even 14 life…

3. Cavern of Souls
So… you… you can cast any creature of the correct type, and be SURE that it resolves. It even taps for any colored mana when playing that type of creature. So… wow. Decks like, Humans, Zombies and even vampires get a good manafix card, AND it protects you from blue decks. I haven’t been looking into other formats, but I’m guessing this card will see play beyond Standard (maybe even more important outside standard).

“Tapping green mana for Eldrazi”.
OOOOooooh shit.

2. Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
“Omg why do you discard a card at random!”
“Omg why are the other effects so expensive!”
“Omg why is it double red!”

Omg, you can play this card before your opponent drops his second land. BEFORE he drops his second land and maybe even before he plays his first spell. Are we seriously complaining about a Planeswalker that has the ability to get to four or five loyalty counters before your opponent drops a significant card to handle him. Delver decks and Lingering Souls is still a way to work at Tibalt early, but the fact that they will have to work harder once you’ve played him; sounds amazingly good. Tibalt, cannot simply be left unchecked, because eventually his effects can be forcing you to do bad plays. Thank god we still have cards like Oblivion Ring and Celestial Purge in the format.

Soon I will give you my number one card from Avacyn Restored! Can you guess which card it is?

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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