Avacyn Restored – Nurgle’s top 10 cards! (Part. 1)

Hello Nurglings!

These are the first five cards of my Top 10 Avacyn Restored card list! A few I added cause I had to, some of them I added because of love. And a few cards are even left out of the list completely! A few of the most talked about cards have been left out and that’s simply because … it’s my list! And I add the cards I feel for.


10. Angel of Glory’s Rise
Okay, so you’re like. What!? But this card is… is… it’s just… a filler rare? Well I have big hopes for this lady, and I will be talking about her deck soon! So that’s it for her. But… just imagine, all humans…

9. Abundant Growth
Okay, during Dark Ascension I picked out Undying Evil as “that card that I think will see play cause it’s doing something sweet, but if it doesn’t see play I will still play it” – card. This time around, Abundant Growth takes that spot. That is mostly because I have been playing Frites lately, and I can see this card finding a place there. I understand that most of the time you want to ramp with creatures to do your big plays, sooner. But it’s also very important to have the colored mana you need at any given time.

Unlike cards like Birds of Paradise and Avacyn’s Pilgrim, this card gets you deeper in to the deck and don’t run the risk of being killed turn 1. If Birds of Paradise was a part of your mana fixing for the next two turns, it can be very annoying to have your birds die. This card, stays somewhat safe as long as land and enchantment destruction don’t get very very popular.

8. Reforge the Soul
I’m not certain about this card yet, I mean, obviously it will be doing awesome things in certain decks. But what that deck is and how and if it will work, I simply don’t know yet. We will just have to see what happens with this card.

7. Tamyio, the Moon Sage
Yup, Tamyio is a card. A lot of people comment on the “draw cards”-ability, and they always seem to be frowning about it. So let me remind you; you can target yourself! Tamyio in a deck together with Lingering Souls and other token generators is insane. Just imagine, you attacked with 4 1/1 flying spirits, all of them connected and your opponent doesn’t seem to have a play. You play Tamyio and draw four cards, FOUR cards. If your opponent can’t damage Tamyio or kill any of your spirits (dream scenario), you get to draw another four cards next turn as well. She also have a “super tap”, this way you can control your opponents land or a powerful creature that you don’t want attacking (I’m looking at you Titans!).

6. Restoration Angel
I’ve taken Cloudshift out of this list, even though I think it will see some play, I decided to stick with the angel instead. It’s playability is far superior to that of Cloudshift anyway. Let me just put it this way a 3/4 flying body with a sweet trick is awesome! Not only is it one awesome combat trick that your opponent can walk straight in to. It’s also a sweet end of turn deal when your opponent is reaching low life. Just as Snapcaster Mage has won games just by being played in the end of a turn, this will surely do the same.

So that was it for now!
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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