Avacyn Restored Pre-Release – Helvault – Let’s not complain!

Hello Nurglings!

I am getting so tired with all these people complaining about the Helvault content. I just don’t understand why. Well I do understand why, you are underwhelmed by the fact that you can’t sell the items you get on the secondary market, that you can’t use it when you play… oh wait… you can. Okay I won’t rant on the ranting people; I will instead tell you why you should be happy with the event and what the Helvault means to us.

1. We still get an event promo card. (Moonsilver Spear)
Yes we still get a promo card, the one thing that is always there for the pre-release, this card, is more than enough for me to consider it a sweet deal. Not only is it fun to play and try out a completely new limited format, not only do we get to hold and see the new cards in real life; we also get a promo card! Yay!

2. It’s something extra! It’s something that’s supposed to be fun!
Sadly the content was spoiled before the Helvault was actually opened. The positive side of this is that we now can discuss why you are so disappointed. The Helvaul is not there to be extra prices to the best players, it’s not there to force people to play at the event just to get their hands on valuable cards/items. It’s there to make it more exciting to play at the event!

3. Compare it to other pre-release specials.
Okay so look. Dark Ascension, we had stickers… stickers were given out to people defeated by people with a monster sticker. How valuable was that for you? Not much but it was fun.

During the Mirrodin Besieged event we got to choose a side, so either we got Mirran boosters or Phyrexian boosters. Basically half the set was not available to you during this event, did people complain? No. It was a cool thing, it made the event special. (Some complaints about balance perhaps, but that’s another issue).

We have a Helvault, we need to complete objectives to break the seal, when opened, we get several promo items! Things that we get to hold and bring with us home, a memory of the event. How is this worse than any of the previous pre-release events?

4. Higher costs at the event?
If your Tournament organizers asks for more money for this event, ask him why, and don’t blame Wizards. Wizards don’t decide what kind of payment organizers demand from the players at the pre-releases. If they are using the Helvault to ask for more money, maybe you should consider playing at another location. If you don’t have anywhere else to play, discuss it with them why they demand more money for something that is given to the store for free (at least I believe that the Helvault is a free promo item given to a few stores). There is truly no need for them to ask you for more money.

Okay. Finished.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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