Pre-Release – Helvault content… spoiled…

Hello Nurglings!


Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know what is in the Pre-Release Helvault!

Last warning!

Right there.

Okay then.

So we know what is in the Helvault, there are three items.
20-sided AVR die, oversized angel cards and angel tokens.
So yea that was that. I will update with pictures here as soon as I find any.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Really!?!?! That’s all?? Maybe each Helvault is different. I’d like to see what happens after the prerelease.

    • Yup, that is it. But really, we should never expect too much when it’s a pre-release product that stands alone next to the event. I mean, it’s more than nothing, we will still get a pre-release promo so, this is just something extra. It disappoints me more that a store owner and event holder actually spread the info before the event. :/


      • Well, they’ll probably be banned from holding DCI events for 2-3 years now because of this. I could have waited another week to learn about it, but no worries. I’ll still enjoy opening the Helvault!

  2. And by 3 items, you meant 3 TYPES of items, right? Cause they are supposed to support up to 54 players.

  3. am I the only one who doesn’t believe this? Why is there no picture? I really doubt that you actually opened the vault, posted it’s contents but didn’t want to take a picture. If you were willing to sacrifice your FNM liscense, why wouldn’t you post pictures too?

    I think it’s all just speculation.

    • Pictures were posted originally but taken down. Right now there are actually new pictures of the content around the web. So I doubt it’s a hoax.


  4. really? is that really what it is inside :/ now i,m really doubtful to join the helvault prerelease now :/

  5. Nunyo Biznass

    Your Google-Fu is weak sir

    • (Spoilers above)

      I haven’t been trying to find them though. ^^ I’m not even sure I want to share it on here. In case people want to be suprised over the look of things (at least).


  6. It is too bad that someone opened one… it ruins the surprise for everyone and also Wizards will react to this “person” due to not following the directions when receiving the Helvaults. I am an organizer and would never spoil my shop’s fun. I have advised my shop players that no matter how curious I am, I would never spoil the fun for them and reduce the excitement of one of the events provided by Wizards. I hope Wizards does more then a 2-3 year ban to that “person” to make an example out of him/her. That organizer did sign an agreement about not opening it and to not spoil its contents. I only hope that it doesn’t ruin the environment of the events or the merchandise provided by Wizards for the rest of us!

    • It truly sucks that it happened. I’m glad that most organizers have reacted this way that they don’t stand behind spoiling something that is created as a surprise for the players. It truly ruins the fun when it happens.


  7. this stuff is casual junk what a waste of a cool hellvault

  8. Yeah those people that share stuff like this should be ostracized from the community – including those that continue to share it knowing full well that they are doing so against the intent of the publisher. But what else can we expect from hack wanna be bloggers.

    • Well it if it’s out there. Bloggers want to share it.
      I’m not going to share the pictures of the content, I hope that the few that want to be surprised, keep away from the Helvault spoiler as long as possible.


  9. i only wanted to see this cause i missed the event day but even if it wasnt opened there would still be rumors

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