”No more” Avacyn Restored spoilers

Hello Nurglings!

Yup, that’s right. I won’t be doing more of the Avacyn Restored spoiler list of cards thing. I will be posting certain cards that I want to talk about, but I won’t post bulk of cards. There are a lot of cards being spoiled at a fast rate right now and I don’t feel the need to post every single card.

So now you know.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. I’m going to wait and make a post about what I think are going to be the top 20 cards in the set. I think it’s a good idea to wait and see what’s out there, then posting about them. For the most part, the commons and uncommons won’t be anything special to write about.

    • Will be doing my top 10 for Avacyn Restored as well. ^^ If you want to discuss anything about the cards before you make your top list, be sure to message me. ^^


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