Avacyn Restoired – Spoiler – Wheel Of Fortune?

Hello Nurglings!

Legacy is an eternal format of Magic, where you can play almost any card except for a few ones picked out on a banlist. This is to balance the format and remove any card that is to powerful for the format (or ruins the fun). One of the cards on that banlist is Time Walk: for 2 mana you can take another turn.

The card is banned for good reasons, some decks would just be… insane with this card. In Avacyn Restored a card will be printed, that have the same effect as Time Walk and at times, even at the same cost as Time Walk. Sounds insane I know.

It feels like they really wanted to push the Miracle cards. Why? Cause they are not certain to happen, you need to top deck them and at that point cast them without being interrupted. But having two cards (so far) in to standard with effects of Legacy banned cards? Sounds a tiny bit dangerous, the cards are balanced in the way that the in hand cost is huge. We will just have to wait and see if Miracle becomes an effect that we will hate or love in the coming format.

Oh and yes, I mentioned there was a second card with an effect that resembles one of the cards banned in Legacy didn’t I? Well the banned card is… Wheel of Fortune. Discard your hand and draw seven new cards… that effect back. This time though, it costs one less mana on its Miracle cost, and only two more mana on its regular cost.

(Damn that artwork!)

Did I say that U/R is a thing? It’s probably a thing.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. timthebearded

    Temporal Mastery is insane if you use it for the miracle cost. Being in a blue deck you’ll probably be able to create the situation where you draw it as the first card of the turn.

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