MTG Standard Deck – G/U self mill – Splintermill

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to share a deck with you! Actually I have plenty of decks in storage to share, but I will start with this one for now. It’s a G/U selfmill deck! The deck has never actually been able to top tournaments (that I know of), but it could be a fun deck to try at your FNM.

The idea of the deck is to mill yourself as quick as possible to make your creatures stronger. The faster you get your creatures out on the field, the better chance you have of winning the game. The more time it takes for you to set up, the less chance you have to win against several more consistent decks.

It’s a fun deck to try out and I have done so with several different builds in the past (online). I suggest that if you get the cards, try it!

The creatures are important for this deck, you want plenty of them to fill your grave with. Even though your three mana drops should be aggressive, you want several smaller creatures to help you fill your graveyard early, and the ability to be semi-aggressive at the start.

These first ones are all to help you for quick early buildups:

Creatures: 12
4x Screeching Skaab
4x Dawntreader Elk
4x Armored Skaab

Below we have the heavy hitters. Actually Splinterfright works well for setting up the deck as well.

Creatures: 15
4x Splinterfright
4x Boneyard Wurm
4x Goultree
3x Kessig Cagebreaker

The rest of the spells are mostly there to fill your graveyard, and finding the cards you need. I know a lot of you will ask why there isn’t a Forbidden Alchemy in the mix, and the reason: you don’t need it. It costs three instead of two mana which is the cost for both Mulch and Trackers Instinct’s, both of which find the cards you need. Also, Tracker’s Instinct has a cheaper flashback cost, which makes it more worth to you in the graveyard then Forbidden Alchemy.

And why not use the Dream Twist? Well I guess this is more of a personal thing. The main reason is: it doesn’t replace itself like Thought Scour does, and even if you can activate it in your graveyard (which is the place you want it) it’s really icky in your starting hand.

Spells: 11
4x Thought Scour
3x Mulch
3x Tracker’s Instincts
1x Spider Spawning

And lands:

Lands: 22
8x Island
6x Forest
4x Woodland Cemetery
4x Hinterland Harbor

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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