Avacyn Restored – Red Spoiler – Vexing Devil

Hello Nurglings!

It seems that some of the higher ups working on magic, didn’t like the fact that an aggressive red deck wasn’t good enough for standard. Just look at the new red burn card that was recently released, Thunderous Wrath. That card was a big step in making red more viable. Even if you have it dead in your starting hand you’re able to loot it away.

Don’t remember what Thunderous Wrath does?

Yup, playing an aggressive deck being able to top deck in to 5 more damage isn’t bad. You do have to be careful with how you use your mana though, you don’t want to miss the Miracle trigger. In all honesty: I think blue / red will be a thing beyond Burning Vengeance, even if Burning Vengeance isn’t a very popular deck. But since next block is Return to Ravnica, I bet we can expect more support for U/R.

Anyway! Why do I put so much trust in Red? Well I saw this new card that was spoiled via TCG Player. Once again I know a person that will be jumping up and down with joy. Johnny I’m looking at you.

So… if your opponent don’t take 4, you have a 4/3 body on the field as a possible first turn drop. Just a funny thought: use Undying Evil to make them pay 4 again. This seems like a typical all in strategy that the reddest mages will love to use. Even using Brimstone Volley right after this guy has been sacrificed seems like a good deal (9 damange, 2 mana, 2 cards).

Yes as you see I’m always thinking about type 2 / Standard. But I bet this guy can find his way in to other formats. One mana burn cards have a way of tickling the minds of players.

Obviously there will be situations where your opponent will simply accept the fact that Vexing Devil hits the field. If he got a good possible blocker or a removal spell it simply not worth taking 4 damage to the head.

Well I’m loving this guy, and as the flavor text reads: “It’s not any fun until someone loses an eye.”

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. INSANITYYYYYYYY INSTANT GRAB 4 DEVILS AT PREVIEW. If delver deck want to vapor snag that devil be my guest^^

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