Avacyn Restored – Who is the new Planeswalker?

Hello Nurglings!

Time to discuss something important, something really important. Well not really important but it’s fun for all of us “Rumor lovers”.

I think I did a similar thing when the packs for Innistrad were spoiled, talking about the New Planeswalker card – Garruk. At the time we actually didn’t know for sure that Garruk was going to get a new Planeswalker form, seeing as he had just gotten a new version in M13.

Something that is very interesting about the booster packs art is the fact that the Planeswalker(s) from the set are usually on there. At times even all of them, except on the Core Set boosters, I guess it would be kind of boring to JUST have Planeswalkers on there. And yes, the Avacyn Restored booster packs were recently given out, so let’s check it out.

So can we spot a possible Planeswalker?
We know it’s not Avacyn (card already spoiled) or Griselbrand. We’ve been told by Mark Rosewater that these will be Legendary Creatures. So they are out.

So that leaves us with three different boosters to choose from. I’m going to leave one of the Angels out just because I have bigger reasons to believe that the red haired angel has a bigger shot at being a Planeswalker. But why? Well let’s take a look.

Things that make it weird for either of these to be a Planeswalker:
1. Planeswalkers have never been angelic or demonic creatures in the past (no I’m not counting Nicol Bolas).
2. …? Except for that one fact I don’t really see why Wizard of the Coast wouldn’t surprise us with something like this.

Thoughts on the “Demon/Devil”:
1. The artwork feels very well worked out. He feels like a named character and has enough features to make him well recognizable.
2. He’s not an angel.
3. It’s a Horror Block, even though the good side seems to win, wouldn’t it be sweet for the Evil side to get a Planeswalker at the end of it? The “good side” is getting plenty of presence with angels and wolfs/werewolves turning into guardians. Give the evil side a break.

Thoughts on the Angel:
1. Something that talks against her: the fact that she feels a bit like: “Another angel.” We already have Avacyn in the set; do they really want to push angels harder with a Planeswalker?
2. She is not a demon.
3. She unlike the demon, has actually been on other products related to Avacyn Restored, this is something that speaks in her favor. But it still doesn’t mean that she is more than an awesome artwork.

So we will just have to wait and see which of the two(three) end up being the Avacyn Restored planeswalker.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. My thoughts are that both of those creatures on the booster packs will be “Captains” for Angels and Demons, just like we got in DKA for Zombies, Wolves, Humans, Spirits, and Vampires. Probably both rares, maybe mythic depending on their abilities. I heard there will be 3 New planeswalkers, so my money is Dack Faydeen from the MTG comics being one of them (hopefully Red and Blue!), and the other two are still up in the air. Not taking these guys out of the equation yet, but that’s my two cents!

    • Personally I really hope to see Ral Zarek (https://nurgleprobe.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/who-is-ral-zarek-magic-planeswalker/) I know he’s not really fitting to this world or story, but I’d love to see his Planeswalker card (if that ever happens).

      Thanks for linking me by the way!


      • Heh, any Red Blue planeswalker that fits into my UR Titan deck would be welcome! That fake one would be okay, but I’m hoping for something stronger. I also hope we see another two color land like Vault of the Archangel for Red/Blue as well!

      • If I remember correctly they have already told us that Vault of the Archangel and Grim Backwoods are the two first cards of a five-card cycle. So let’s hope the Red/Blue land is a sweet one!


  2. The red-headed angel is named “Angel of Flight Goldnight”, who’s just a rare R/W Angel. I’m nearly certain that the Devil is our new walker. I mean look at him, he’s got the planeswalker swag you know? I doubt you’re regular Devil would dress himself in that sexy garb.

    • He got the swag alright! Really hope he’s the/a Planeswalker. How can you be so sure about the Angels name tho?


      • There were 3 or 4 multi-colored angels spoiled on a private tumblr account, and she was one of them.

      • Ah, just found them. Sorry to tell you though: They were fan created cards. So we still don’t know what the cards are. ^^


  3. My money actually goes on the devil as well. Cannot see them pushing angels with a Planeswalker, just doesn’t seem to fit into the feel of the block. Avacyn is already hyped as being this goddess like being for the people (just look at her ability on the card), so another competing angel? Hoping for the demon looking guy!

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