Avacyn Restored – Spoiler – Avacyn, Angel Of Hope

Hello Nurglings!

The first card from Avacyn Restored has been spoiled! Yay! And it’s Avacyn herself! She ended up being a mono white creature, even if many believed her to be B/W. I must say, she’s a sweet target for that Unburial Rites. Every single permanent (yes even herself) becomes Indestructible when she is on the field. Tragic Slip will still be a problem and Oblivion Ring for as long as it stays in the format, and well… double Dismember.

Here is the card!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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  1. Shame Unburial Rites is probably the only practical way to play this in standard right now. After all, what sane person would run Quicksilver Amulet in a deck full of cards that cost 4 or less to play anyway?

    • I actually doubt that that Avacyn will see much play in Standard as it is now, maybe after rotation. Really depends on how many Tragic Slip like effects and Remove from game cards we get.

      Love the art tho!


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