MTG – Game Mat withdrawn for objectifying women

Hello Nurglings!

I just wanted to talk about something that happened some time ago at Grand Prix Indiana. A playmat was made for that event that was supposed to be given out to the contester (don’t know if it was intended for the top 8 or everyone). A bit of a controversy was created around it, why? Because Wizards of the Coast withdrew it. They did not hand the mat out and of course people wanted to know why they were not given their game mats.

It was sexist. That was the final verdict of this mat. If you agree or not is up to you, here is the mat:

From now on this is all opinion, don’t you forget that. I think that Wizards did the right thing in withdrawing this game mat, not only because it doesn’t fit with their profile, but they also want their game to be available for everyone without getting an irritated feeling when playing. Men and women shouldn’t be “objects” within the game world of Magic the Gathering. A lot of people have been irritated with this, showing of cards both old and new that they think “objectifies” women.

One example:

Sure that this shows a woman/female/girl in a position of distress. But not only is this artwork much older than this mat, but it also “just” an image of a person in need. Not a person that is a slave/subject to someone else. Sure it’s a sensitive subject, especially for games these days. Magic just started to use the creature type “Devil” and even that is a brave move with religious figures often being a no no for “mom organizations” all over the states.

So maybe they did the right decision, maybe they didn’t. I bet they just wanted to be sure that there wouldn’t be a moral panic in the world of Magic. Let us respect that decision and be glad that think before they act, something WOTC is known for.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Just a little thought… The playmats most powerful character is a woman. The “vampire/gothpriestess” to the right… And her “minions” are seducing a Goblin King, propably just to get his power…
    Have seen so much more objectifying pictures on magiccards (both male and female objectification…) so I really dont agree with the reason to withdraw it…
    But I do agree with the withdrawal of it, but mostly because its an ugly picture… And maybe a little because it would create an endless stream of loud voices screaming “Bad Wizards! You objectify women!”…

  2. Tonitrumancer

    What about the thralls that were in Zendikar set? Kalastria vampires had a bunch of them and they’re not viewed as objects?

  3. Sorry, but if Wizards were really thinking before they acted, they would have anticipated this art as being controversial, and not chosen it for the mats or had them printed in the first place. This was a reaction, not a thoughtful action. Sure they fixed their mistake, but don’t give them more credit than they deserve.

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