Mark Rosewater Quotes – Game Design

Hello Nurglings!

If you want to work with gaming design, I guess you should learn from the already established designers. There are a few people in different areas of the gaming/entertainment industry that I’m a huge fan of. I thought I would do one of them the honor to write a little about their wisdom.

Mark Rosewater – This one is for you.

Rosewater is Magic the Gatherings head designer and also a dedicated family man if you believe his twitter. He has done several articles on the official MTG website about designing and working with the game Magic. Not only that but he’s also done several small tweets about design that we could look in to and discuss.

Let us look into several of these one-liners and thoughts that he’s shared about game design.

“The game should end before the players want it to.”

“The best indicator of a game’s future success is the desire of the play testers to play it again.”

“Good game design leaves the audience wanting more. That means it’s better to undershoot than overshoot.”

“Don’t look outside the box until after you look inside the box.”
“A big reason games fail is that they don’t let their best aspect shine. Don’t pull focus from what makes your game fun.”

” One of the greatest mistakes game designers make is that they put too much into their design.”

“Good game design doesn’t answer questions, it creates them.”

” Restrictions breed creativity.”

“Your audience can’t just think your design is great, they have to feel it’s great as well.”

“A design everyone likes but no one loves will fail.”

These are just a few of many, going in to his articles I could probably work out several other good quotes, but I feel that these ones were better to share when they were written to be short and direct.

So until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!


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