Nurgle Personal Update – 21th February 2012

Hello Nurglings.

This is one of those posts where I just clean my head out onto paper… digital paper.

Why are there so few people you want to socialize with in this world?

No wait, why do I know so few people that I feel like socializing with?

First of all, I’m not saying I don’t have friends that I enjoy hanging out with, because I do. I love my friends and I like hanging out with them, but sometimes you just feel like you want to surround yourself with… “your kind” of people. I’m not sure what that means, or what they are like. But I know I’m not around them right now… or am I? The grass is always greener on the other side they say, but is that implemented even when you don’t know what the other side actually is?

I want to activate myself in esthetic ways.
I can look at a place, a sheet of paper or even a person and get inspired by the possibilities.
I want to create, think and be creative and show it to the world.
But I want to find people with similar interest and mindsets.

How do you find people?


PS. Wow so not fitting for this blog am I right? O___O


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