Nurgleprobe looking at – Rise of Legions TCG

Hello Nurglings!

As you know I’m always looking for card games, I write about less popular ones, I’ve tried most of more popular ones and I do deck building games and I’ve tried a few living card game ones. I’ve even been doing rules for my own card games for … well almost years.
But today I thought I would share a creation not done by me, surprising I know!

As you can see above the game is called Rise Of Legions.

There isn’t much information about this game as it is right now, but it’s a game in the making and I will be putting out updates for when they come along. The artwork for the game I must say is looking sweet! And if the artwork is coming along, I can’t wait to see what the card will look like.

Here is the preliminary description up on their website right now:

“Commanders are the main card in your deck. Their effects are used on other creatures and energy, but never used for themselves. The goal of the game is to take out the Commander, who has the ultimate life, by taking out the rest of the creatures on the field to get to them. Each commander, depending on their type i.e. Vampire, Werewolf, Shapeshifter etc. can only control those certain types of monsters. Monsters or creatures have their certain amount of life, and in their effect, a special effect and how much they can attack for. Energy is what you can use to attack or use effects. To get a creature out, it costs nothing, but to use any effect of the creature or attack, it cost a certain amount of energy. First turn, you lay down as much energy as you have. Following turns, you can only lay down 1 energy, even if you were able to draw more than one. After that, it’s fun and games. Lay monsters, attack, use effects, and try to take out your opponents commander before they take out yours.”

Rise of Legions – Facebook page –
Rise of Legions – Website –

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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