Avacyn Restored – No more Flashback or Transform

Hello my Nurglings!

Thanks to Mark Rosewater we already knew that the Double Face Cards would not be coming back in Avacyn restored. This is probably because the good guys will be making a comeback in the last set to fight back the darkness. OR as in any good horror movie, the horror has changed completely for the finale and we just don’t know what we will be facing. Exciting I know.

The other mechanic not coming back: Flashback (also spoiled to us by Rosewater). So to all of us Burning Vengeance lovers, it seems we won’t be getting anymore of that flashback. But to be honest we have plenty that we can use as it is. Sad though to see such a sweet mechanic disappear in the last set. But I guess, if the werewolves will be stopped from transforming, other mages must lose their graveyard abilities.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!


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  1. Woop, no more transforming cards! Lets hope thats the last we ever see of them.

  2. that’s a little bit disappointing though. i believe that the transform mechanic has not been pushed to its potential, the current transform cards (with the exception of just a few) are extremely lackluster.

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